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Curt Trailer and Brake Controller Wiring Circuit Tester Review

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Review of the Curt Trailer and Brake Controller Wiring Circuit Tester

Male: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Curt Trailer and Brake Controller Wiring Circuit Tester, part number C51498. The circuit tester is perfect for when installing, setting up, or troubleshooting your tow vehicle or trailer wiring system. Now you can test your brake controller and your brakes without the help of anyone else. This is gonna plug into your seven way connector, so lets go ahead and get started. Now it's very simple we're just gonna take the connector and plug it in just as if we we're plugging in our trailers. Now lets head on up to the cab. The cable is 20 foot long it's gonna give us more than enough to get us where we need to be.

The Curt circuit tester gonna help us quickly identify problems in the trailer wiring. It's gonna determine faults in each circuit, such as no load, over load, or short or low battery. So lets go ahead and get started. So we've got our ignition in the accessory mode, so we can insure that we are going to get power to everything need to select which axles we're working with. We're working with two so we got the toggle switch up, lets go ahead and check to make sure we have immediate power to our seven way so we will flip it down; You can see that the voltage reads that we do, that's a good thing. Let's go ahead and run through all the other connections.

Now since we're right here at our break controller let's go ahead and test that first. So it looks like it's reading for the left and right brakes and we can even adjust it again and it's gonna match up perfectly. So when I test the brake controller you can see that the brake current and the brake voltage are gonna line up accordingly. The way it works is, it uses magnets to measure brake control output even without a trailer. Now lets test our vehicles' brakes.

Looks like we're all set there. Lets go on to the turn signals. For our left blinker it looks like it's working, then our right. Let throw on our tail lights, those are working. And then finally our reverse lights, I'd say we're all set. Now for any reason that these don't light up, or doesn't show the correct current or voltage, the seven way could just simply be dirty or could have inaccurate wiring.

And that's going to complete our look at the Curt Trailer and Brake Controller Wiring Circuit Tester, part number C51498.

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