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Curt RockerBall Shock Absorbing Hitch Ball Review

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Review of the Curt RockerBall Shock Absorbing Hitch Ball

What's up everybody it's AJ with Today we are going to be checking out the Curt Rockerball two to five sixteenth ball. Now I got two different versions here they have two different size threads at the bottom. So this one's going to be an inch and this one's going to be an inch and a quarter. But what the rocker ball does is it's going to be a shock absorber ball mount. So when you put it in the mount, and get it set up.

Put your trailer, all that weight coming down here as it shifts, it's going to move this part back and forth. It's going to rock back and forth, absorbing that shock. And that way you don't feel it in your truck. So there's not going to be push forward in your truck. And you're not going to feel it while you're steering.

It's going to even all that out. Now since we're just working with the ball, you're going to have to get your own mount. The one we have today, has an inch in diameter for your ball. So, the inch one is going to work just fine And the inch and a quarter one's not going to fit as you can see there. So just make sure you've got the right ball mount with the right ball.

When you go to order 'em there is gonna be a slight difference in weight. So, this one's going to be able to handle 7,500, and this one's going to be able to handle 12,000 gross trailer weight. So just keep that in mind again, when you're thinking about what you're towing and what you need to go with the ball mount, because I want to make sure you get the right one when you go to order it. So I'll go ahead and set up our inch one now. Let me get the pieces so I can show you here.

We have a plate that goes down and see these tabs go down towards the ball mount, and that's going to keep that movement down. So then we're going to put this in there and that helps just keep it on track. We're gonna add our lock washer at the bottom and our nut. I'm just going to go by hand for right now, and then you'll want to come back and torque it down. Nice and tight. That way it's on there. What it's going to do, is it's going to add some movement to when you're hooked up to your trailer. So let's say your hooked up to your trailer. You do a sudden start and stop that trailer weight, it's gonna push against the vehicle and you're going to feel it. Well, this actually goes forward and backwards. So it absorbs that shock. So it's the ball is actually going to move forward and back. That way, it doesn't transfer to the ball mount, or the hitch, or up to the steering wheel when you're driving. So you're not going to feel that when you're driving, it's going to be less noisy too. You can see how much the ball moves back and forth. Instead of the shank, we didn't even feel it in the truck. Like I said, there wasn't any, you didn't feel in the steering wheel, we weren't being pushed forward or pulled backwards. It was all happening right here. And it looked pretty cool in the footage. We are using the anti-rattle kit with it, and it works really good with this. So you had the movement in the ball here, but the anti-rattle device keeps any movement here in the shanks. So this is going to move or bounce back and forth like it normally did if you didn't have anti-rattle. there was no noise coming from here whatsoever. So all that movement would be here. Nothing transfers here. That means nothing's going to transfer up front. Something else that I like is the zerk fitting here at the bottom. That way you can add grease wherever you need to. And cause you, if you want to invest something like this, you want to work it for a long time and adding grease when you need to, you can keep it working like it did the very first time you used it. It's made of a heavy duty construction. You've got a black powder coat finish here. So that's going to hold up to the elements. You don't have to worry about rust or corrosion. And then you have the Chrome plated steel ball. Same thing, You're not gonna have to worry about if you do leave it in your hitch back of your truck, elements are not going to get to it. It's not going to rust and get all nasty down the road. When talking about a shock absorbent ball, there is another option out there. That's the Convert-A-Ball. It's going to do the same thing, absorbing that shock just the little bit differently though. It's gonna absorb it here in the shank. So the movement's going to be here instead of out here at the ball. Now, that eliminates the use of an anti-rattle device, which is kind of a negative for me because I really like how well they work together with the rocker, but if that's, when something you want to get, just know that you cannot use the rocker ball with the Convert-A-Ball ball Mount. They don't work together. So you have to get one or the other, but I really prefer the rocker just because the movements here and the anti-rattle works out really nicely. Overall, I was really impressed with it. I, we took it out on the road, not only in the parking lot, but on the highway. And it really did absorb that shock that I was looking for it to do. I was actually pretty surprised it did. I didn't feel anything while I was driving. There wasn't a bunch of movement or being pushing in the truck when I did sudden stops or anything. So it's going to work as a regular ball mount and help for those heavy duty situations, just to absorb that shock. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out. And I hope this helped..

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