Curt Q20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch with Slider Review

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Review of the Curt Q20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch with Slider

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna be taking a look at the Curt line of Q series fifth wheel trailer hitches with slider for the Ford towing prep package. More and more now a days, we're seeing trucks that have shorter than eight foot beds on them, which comes in a problem when we go to tow with a fifth wheel 'cause we want our hitch to be on the forward side of our rear axle but that ends up putting our trailer extremely close to our cab.That's where our sliders gonna help out. When it comes time to make those tight turns, we can come to this vertical handle here on the side, we'll pull it out, rotate it back and that'll allow the hitch to slide back a full 12 inches giving us that clearance to go around the turn. Then it'll lock into position, so we can make that turn without fear of hitting our truck. And then, whenever we need to go in a straight line again, and we're ready to tow, simply pull that handle out again, rotate it again, and our hitch will slide back and lock into the towing position.Our slider's gonna have a weight capacity of 24 thousand pounds. But keep in mind you don't wanna exceed the weight capacity of the head that you have.

And it's always a good idea to double check your trucks owners manual and never exceed the manufacturers recommended weight. Now because of the design of the slider it's gonna have that round tube as well as some rollers which is gonna make it slide very smoothly and it's gonna have a non binding action to it so no matter what position it's in, it's gonna slide rather easily.Now on thing Curt has done is they've made it extremely easy to use our slider and safe. They put an indicator here on the end of the handle with a red stripe towards the drivers side to let us know that it's not locked in. But if we slide our slider back towards the tailgate, see the handle will lock into position and also over on the passengers side we'll have a green indicator that's sticking out letting us know that we're good to go and that it is locked in. Now this is gonna be showing whether we're in the maneuvering position or the towing position, so it's an easy indication to know what's going on.Now you'll see on the bottom of our slider here there is gonna be a green sticker towards the cab and that's gonna be the towing position because we want our hitch to be as close to the cab, locked in, when we're towing.

But if we move farther back, when it slides back we're gonna have another sticker that gonna say maneuvering and that's gonna be when we slide it back so we can go around those tight turns.Our slider is designed to be used with the Ford factory prep tow package which is gonna make it extremely easy to get in place. We're gonna have two levers on each side, held in by a simple pin and clip here. We're gonna remove the pin and we're gonna rotate our handles out towards the side of our truck and that'll unlock those legs underneath and then we'll be able to lift our slider out. And if we're putting our slider back in place, same thing. We're just gonna drop those feet down into the pucks and we're gonna rotate our levers inward and then we'll secure em with the pin and clip to make sure they won't open back up.Now the great thing about our slider is that when we're not towing or if we don't plan on towing for quite a while, we can pull that slider out and put our plugs back in place and we'll have full bed access.

And as you can see with the hitch removed we'll have full bed access and then we just put the factory plugs back in. You won't have to worry about water or debris getting inside. As far as the setup and installation it's gonna be rather straight forward. It is rather heavy so if you, you might wanna grab an extra set of hands to help you put it in place.Now as far as the heads go, there's gonna be two different variations that are gonna be available. We're gonna have the Q20 which is gonna be a 20 thousand pound gross trailer weight rating and the Q24 which is gonna have a 24 thousand pound.

Now as your gonna see, they're gonna look very similar, just the funnel area and this top skid plate is gonna be a little bit different and the main difference is gonna be that weight rating. But they're gonna install exactly the same and function exactly the same. Both of the hitches are gonna have a dual jaw design which is gonna cut down on a lot of that rattling and chucking and make for more comfortable ride. It's gonna accomplish that 'cause it's gonna have a full 360 degree contact with our king pin rather than the one piece slide bar style where that king pin can move around and there's not a full grip around it.The Y funnel on the skid plate is gonna make it easier hooking it up even if we're not directly behind our trailer. Whenever we are ready to hook up, we can come to the handle over on the drivers side and we'll have a pin and clip that we can remove and then this tethers so we don't have to worry about losing it. We'll flip this lever up and we pull our handle out and once it's out the jaws will open up. And then on the back side, just like our slider it's gonna be color coded, except there's gonna be a yellow indicator letting us know that we're ready to couple. For added security we can replace this pin and clip with a padlock, which are sold separately.And I have this piece here to simulate our trailer king pin, but as soon as we start backing up and this slides in place, it's gonna lock in and make sure that the handle goes back into the towing position. And once it's fully locked in, you're gonna rotate that latch back down and reinsert the pin and clip and we'll be ready to hit the road.Now on both of the heads they're gonna be fully articulating, which means they're gonna tilt left and right as well as front to back and that's gonna make it extremely easy to hook up on un level terrain and make for a more comfortable ride so we don't have to worry about that chucking and jarring feeling inside of our truck. The way the head is gonna be installed into the slider is we're gonna have two bolts that are gonna come from the inside going through the slider and we'll have three adjustments on the head itself. We're gonna be able to adjust from 17 inches to 21 inches and that's gonna be the measurement from the bottom of the bed to the top of the skid plate on our hitch.Now to make things a little bit easier when you do install it, the upper section is removable from the mid section. So if we come to the back there should be a pin and clip on either side and if we remove this clip, we'll be able to pull that pin out and then pull this bracket that's gonna sit over our tube here. And if we did that on both sides, we'll be able to life the head out making it a lot lighter and a lot easier to work with.Now for regular maintenance on our hitch, they provided us with a couple grease certs, so it's gonna be extremely easy to lube them up. We'll have one right underneath the jaws in the center of the funnel and then one on either side. Both hitches are also gonna come with a plastic lube plate so when we hook up to our trailer it's gonna slide on a lot easier.The Q20 is gonna have a 20 thousand pound gross trailer weight rating along with a 4 thousand pound vertical load limit. Where as our Q24 is gonna have a 24 thousand pound gross trailer weight rating along with a 6 thousand pound vertical load limit. And with all those numbers in mind, I always suggest that you double check your truck's owners manual and never exceed the manufacturer's recommended weight.So if you're looking for a fifth wheel and your truck already has the Ford factory prep package in it, these are gonna be a great option. It's gonna be straight forward and easy to use. And that'll finish up your look at the Curt Q Series line of fifth wheel trailer hitches with slider for the Ford towing prep package.

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