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Curt 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector Mounting Bracket Review

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Review of the Curt 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector Mounting Bracket

What's up, everybody It's AJ with Today, we're gonna be checking out this CURT four-pole wiring bracket. So we're gonna put this at the end of a long bracket today to hold our four-pole wiring in place. Let's check it out. The point of the bracket, it's gonna keep your four-pole wiring up here as close to the beam as possible. Now, it has a permanent spot instead of hooking it up to the safety chain, which can give you a little extra wire that can grab on something.

If you're going off-roading on your Jeep, that's not gonna be good. It's gonna come detached or damage it. This way, it's up here, outta the way, and in the same spot every time you need it. The bracket's gonna be a sturdy steel construction with a black powder coat finish on there, so you don't have to worry about it rusting or corroding on the back of your vehicle. Installing it is not gonna be so bad.

Every vehicle's a little bit different. But today on the Jeep, we needed that long bracket to bring it out here to clear the bumper, so it was in the right spot every time we needed it. But follow along and see how I did it. With the four-pole already installed, you have a couple options. Now, this extra wire is gonna be zip tied up here, so it's not gonna be an issue.

But you can use the dust cover to go around the safety chain loop, so you can keep it there at all times. But then, that means this wire's gonna be hanging down. You don't really want that with the wire just in case, so the other option is gonna be to get a bracket. You can have a permanent mount, so it'll sit about here, and then you won't have to detach it every time. It'll be right here to plug in.

Now, the brackets you're gonna wanna use is a long bracket first. And what we're gonna do is put it up here like this. 'Cause then, we wanna bend it out, so that it's flat towards the bumper. 'Cause if we put it like this, it would come at an angle that just doesn't work with the bumper. This is with the bracket in place. I wanna show you once again. So this portion here is gonna go on top of the beam on the bottom of our Jeep. With it in place, we got our paint marker, and I'm just gonna make a line where we wanna bend it (distant tool buzzing) right there. Now that we've bent the long bracket, let's set it in place. Looks like it's gonna work really good there. However, when we need to add the four-pole bracket into place, see how close it is to the beam. There's not a lot of clearance, so it's gonna be way easier to attach that before we put this in place. Now, with our long bracket prepared, we can add our four-pole bracket. This is what's gonna attach right here, and I'm gonna put it on top because this is where the beam's gonna be, so we're covering it up. We can also drop the screws through the top, so they'll be covered up by the beam as well. (distant tool buzzing) So putting them, lining up the holes on our four-pole bracket with the long bracket. So you have two options. (distant tool buzzing continues) Put those in place. (hardware clinking) And then, on the opposite side, we'll have the nut. (distant tool buzzing continues) Now, with our 10-millimeter socket on our ratchet, I got a flathead screwdriver on the other side to hold it in place. So hold that there and then tighten it down. (tool ratcheting) (tool clanking) Now, with our 3/8-inch socket, we're gonna put it on this end of the nut, start to tighten that down, and come back with our flat blade. Put it in place and continue tightening that down. (tool ratcheting) (tool clanking) Now, with the hose clamp that came with the long bracket, I'm gonna run that through. We're gonna put it around the tube up here like this. We want this screw pulling down 'cause that's what we're gonna need to tighten up to tighten it around the beam. So we'll get it all set up there. We run through the top. (hardware clanking) (object clicking) (hardware clanking) With the hose clamp around the top, pull that through, I can then focus on the bracket going up and into place. (hardware clanking) There we go. We're gonna get it right there. I'll start to feed the hose clamp through. With the hose clamp run through, it's gonna go over the top of the beam here to the other side. And this is where we're gonna start tying it down. So as you tighten this down, it's gonna pull this portion through and tighten up to the hitch. Now, I also got a power tool here that you use. It's gonna be way quicker than doing it by hand. Now I know it's started, I'm gonna use the 5/16 socket and tightening it up. (tool rattling) As it catches, you can see it's bringing this portion through, (tool rattling) and tightening it up to our beam. Now, we're gonna put in the four-pole. So we have notches on the plug itself that you wanna work through this portion of the bracket. Those are just gonna help it stay in place. So you have to work it back and forth and bring it through. But eventually, it pops through. Now, with that in place, we're gonna zip tie the extra wire first. That way, it's all together. One less thing to worry about when you're getting this in place. And then, I'm gonna put it up here, get two more zip ties, and run that around this beam to keep it tight on the back. With that tucked up into place, (zip tie ratcheting) connect the zip ties, (zip tie ratcheting) and get it nice and tight. Now, we'll come back and cut off the ends of our zip ties. (tool snipping) Overall, the bracket's definitely handy. I like to know that the wiring's up here and outta the way. Less risk of getting caught on something and getting ripped out or damaging where I have to replace the wiring. And plus, I don't have to find it every time. If it's here, sometimes it can get disconnected and be dangling or not be where you need it, now you know exactly where it's gonna be when you need to hook up. Well then, that does it. Thanks for hanging out and hope this helps.

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