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Curt Raw Finish Hitch Ball Review

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Review of the Curt Raw Finish Hitch Ball

Today, we're gonna be taking a look at the CURT Ball. So this is a two and five sixteenth inch ball. So one thing you wanna make sure of, is make sure that your coupler is gonna accept this two and five sixteenths inch size, and basically, usually, they are on the coupler itself, so just look on your coupler, it should say it. If it's an older coupler, just make sure it's the right size before you grab the ball. But another thing you wanna think about is the component that is gonna be working with. Obviously, we wanna make sure our vehicle can handle the weight, our hitch can handle the weight, but the ball mount as well.

So with the CURT, we have a 30,000 pound gross trailer weight, and that is gonna give us a max tongue weight of about 3000 pounds. Another thing you need to look at whenever you're looking at balls, is the Ball Mount, is the shank size. So with this shank size, it's about an inch and a quarter in diameter so whatever Ball Mount that you pick, make sure that the hole is gonna be that size, nothing bigger, nothing smaller. Smaller won't fit, and bigger there's gonna be too much play there. But this one is gonna have a shank, which is about two and five eighths inches long.

So it's gonna accept the even thicker ball mounts like this one so from three eighths seven inch, all the way up to an inch thick, this is gonna be a one-piece raw steel machine ball. So one, it looks good, but it's one massive piece they basically to seal and seal this whole entire thing out of a big block of metal. So you know it's gonna be extra, extra strong. A nice thing about this shank is it has really, really fine threads, meaning they're really, really close together. So it's gonna take a couple more rotations to get it locked down into place, but it's gonna make it sure that it's nice and tight.

It comes with the lock, washer, it comes with the big old nut. I do not have a socket or a wrench this size, but it is an inch and seven eighths, so you do wanna torque it down with a torque wrench and you are gonna need to grab an inch and seven eighth socket or wrench to get that all done. To sum it all up, when it comes to hitch balls, there isn't a whole lot of differences, you just wanna make sure that the size is right for your trailer, you wanna make sure that it's gonna be strong enough to hold the weight of your trailer and that goes for all the other components that you pair with it. So you can find all of that on our website. So let's make sure that you pair them all up correctly so you can stay nice and safe.

The limitation to your whole entire setup is gonna be the lowest capacity of whatever component has that low capacity, so just be really careful and mindful of that just to keep you safe, your equipment safe, and everybody else on the road. And that's pretty much it for a look at the CURT two and five sixteenth inch trailer ball..

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