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Curt Chrome Hitch Ball Review

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Review of the Curt Chrome Hitch Ball

Hey, everybody. Welcome to I'm Bobby, and today we're taking a look here today at the CURT inch 7/8 ball with chrome plating. Now you are going to have a 3/4 inch shank diameter, so that's the kind of draw bars you guys are going to need to go ahead and get it mounted. Well, we are going to also have a 2000 pound gross trailer, weight capacity with this, which makes it great for things like your class one to class two hitches of course, 'cause it would kind of stay in well within that weight capacity. So of course let's make sure we are checking both our vehicle rating, our hitch rating, of course, and B let's make sure we are getting a good measurement on those trailers to make sure we're not exceeding those.

You guys need a little help with any of those kind of measurements or kind of getting the weights of all those guys, go ahead, peruse around, we got a great little self-help article section to make sure that you are conscious and aware of what you're towing. Since we do have our inch and 7/8 ball here today, we're going to go ahead and utilize our inch and 7/8 template. So I'm going to bring it up, set it right on there. Give it a nice push to make sure it's on there and then took my lock here, can simply press down just like so, there we are nice and locked in. Of course let's make sure we're doing a good job of, of course, using our safety chains to make sure we have a safe towing experience and at this point too, you could go ahead and put your trailer wiring in as well.

Unfortunately for our neighborhood today, they don't have one yet, but other than that, it looks like we're ready to tow. Overall guys, I think this is going to be a great little way of giving yourself a little bit of versatility, right Cause we can go ahead grab our inch and 7/8 ball. We could also grab a 2/4, if we needed 2 inch ball whatever we have at trailer couplers, at home, we can go ahead and get the ball mounts we need to make sure we get it out there. Of course it is going to be dependent on your draw bars as well. So I really do like that we can go ahead and no matter what our rise or drop is with the clutter of all in, or we can go ahead and change our balls out for our varying coupler sizes.

Really, really nice that we have the availability to us. Which is gonna make it really easy to take it on and off. Now again, mounting it takes a little bit of effort. I will give you that, I myself might go ahead and invest in a few tools to go ahead and actually clamp this on. It just is a little bit wider than a lot of those normal wrenches are going to be in a toolbox at home.

ABICE again works really, really well as we saw, but again, not all of us are going to have that at home. So I'll leave that up to you guys to have the wearable thought to go ahead and actually get it on here. But otherwise I think that about does it for our look, here today at the Curt inch and 7/8 ball with chrome plating I'm Bobby..

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