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Review of the Curt Premium 5 Bike Rack

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Curt Folding and Tilting five bike rack. It's been designed for use in 2 inch hitches. It's part number is C18065. This Curt bike racks going to be the perfect solution for transporting just about any style of two wheeled bike that you've got. As you can see, the first thing that really stands out .. You pull the pin up here at the top, is going to be our dual cradle arms.

As you can see they're nice and wide up here at the front, that's going to accommodate even the largest frame bike. Then they really taper down here in the back, this gives us a great opportunity to mount maybe a women's frame bike, child's bikes, or even some of those hybrids or some of those other ones that don't have a lot of space between the seat down tube and our front most connection point. Here at the top, let's do a couple of quick measurements. We'll go from the outside of the bar to the outside of the bar, we've got about 14 inches here. Once we get down to our smaller taper, it's almost in half, it's now about 7 3/4 of an inch form the outside of that bar to the outside of that bar. With that pin I had pulled earlier, that easily allows us to move our rake up into position. We'll slide the pin through and secure it on the other side with the attached inaudible 00:01:31.

It's pretty tight right now; it's a brand new rack, we just got it out of the box. It'll loosen up a little bit over time. Another thing that we'll note while we're here, you're going to have adjustable cradles, these cradles we can move them in or out slightly. As you can see, it's not the easiest thing in the world to move the cradles, which is good. That's going to prevent your bikes form sliding forwards and back as you're heading down the road. Each cradles going to have either a single strap or a dual strap, just depending on where our bikes oriented.

The dual strap gives us our anti sway cradle. Our down tube will come right up through here, and with this tight it's really going to eliminate that swaying back and forth, which is going to help to prevent that bike to rack, or maybe bike to bike contact as we're heading down the road. Then on each of our cradles we're going to have the upper tube strap as well. If you take a look right down the cradle itself you see these little grooves, there's ridges in here provides little grooves, those are reflect for allowing our brake cables, our lines, from falling right down in those grooves and keep them from getting scrunched. Everything's going to work fine when we get where we're going. As you can see, each cradle arms also going to be equipped with a reflector right here on the end.

That does a great job of altering anybody walking or driving by, that there's something on the back of our vehicle and just to use a little bit of caution. And other great feature of the Curt rack is that we're going to be able to fold the center mast and arms out and away from our vehicles when we don't have our bikes loaded. To do that we're just going to loosen the little T handle here, pull the clip and the pin located here in the base, and then we'll just lift up on the T handle. As you can see that's going to allow us to fold it out. It's got a nice stopping point here, so it's not going to overextend. In most cases that's going to give us all the room we need to open any kind of rear hatch or hatchback, anything like that. On your pickup trucks, as the tail gate comes down it'll probably offer a little by of interference. Check out our test fit section for some more information on that. To raise it back up we're just going to lift the mast, and we'll wait for this pin to fall back into it's hole. Okay, that's perfect there. We'll now take the attached pin, slide it right back through the hole it came out of, try to keep hold of our clip, we'll slide that in the other side here. That's going to have our pin nice and secure, but you'll notice there's still some wiggle and there's still some movement to that mast, so that's when we tighten up the small back T handle here. With that secure, all that play, all that movements gone, we're in a really nice set up ready to head down the road once we get out bikes loaded up. Here on the backside of the mast we've got a nice D loop that's going to stick out form the rack. This is going to allow us to pass through a strap or maybe a cable lock if we'd like to run that through the frame of our bike and keep everything nice and secure. Any strap or cable lock will be sold separately. Here you're going to notice that Curt's used a really nice manufacturing process. All of your edges and your seams here, those are going to be fully welded. We've got sturdy steel construction. As you can see, we've got nice widths on our plate, so they're going to hold up for long time. They fully coated it with a black powder coat finish, that's going to prevent any flaking or corrosion for years to come. Now that we've gone over the feature of the rack, let's take a look at how it's going to install in the vehicle. We'll essentially just bring our shank of the rack, and we just need to slide it into the receiver tube of our hitch. You take a look here, this is going to have a solid welded in bar that goes across. This is fully threaded all the way through, so this is going to give us the opportunity to insert our pin from the right hand side or from the left hand side. Let's just get that lined up, and you'll see the anti rattle bolt - this is going to be provided. We can place this in from the right side, which is usually do on this Surban here, or from the left side, just depending on how your vehicle is set up. In this case we've got a seven pole cover over here, and a lot of the bolts don't want to thread in, so it's nice having that option to do it on both sides. With that hand tight we'll bring in our wrench and just tighten this on down. As we tighten this it's going to draw the shank of the rack right over against the receiver tube of the hitch here. As you can see, we're not going to have any movement or any play, any noise, to deal with. We'll then come right over here to the other side. We've got the included pin, that'll slide right up in the end of that bolt, just as an extra element of security. As you can see, it's got a loop on there, all for easy removal. For loading our bikes we'll just extend out our dual cradle arms, we'll just pull the pin that we saw earlier, rotate our arms up into position. As we do this we line up our pin holes again here, and we're going to slide the same pin on through, and secure it with the catch on the other side there. As you can see, the arms are going to have a nice upswing to them, so they're angled up. This is going to help keep these rear bikes higher up off the ground, giving us additional ground clearance. We want to undo our cradle straps, with our cradles exposed we'll grab our bike, we'll place it right up onto our rack. We want to make sure that we've got the down tube of the seat on the same side as the cradle that's got the double straps. We'll then just bring our straps up and over, pull them right down on there to get a good, nice, firm hold on the bike. Then finally here at the rear we'll want to do our anti sway cradle, and we can always slide the bike up. The cradles are fully adjustable, as we talked about, so we can custom fit those into any of the nooks and the crannies that we might have there on the rear. As you can see it's nice and secure. We're ready to load up a couple more. Here on our test course we'll start by going though the slalom; this is going to show us the side to side action. This simulates turning corners or evasively maneuvering. Once we get to the alternating speed bumps we'll see the twisting action. This will simulate hitting a curb or pothole, or driving over uneven pavement. Once we get to the full speed bumps we'll see the up and down action. This will be just like driving in and out of a parking lot, parking garage, or driveway. Now that we've taken a good look at the Curt bike rack and we've seen how adaptable it is to fit any different styles of bike, that's going to complete today's look at part number C18065. .

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