Curt E16 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Review

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Review of the Curt E16 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Curt E16 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch for Nissan Titan XD Towing Prep Package, part number C16515-16026. Here's what our E16 5th Wheel's going to look like once we have it installed. Now, this isn't just going to drop into the factory prep package. The legs down here are going to have three points and it's going to allow us to tow a fifth wheel trailer with our Titan. And as you can see, we've been using our E16 5th Wheel for quite some time. We've been towing a fifth wheel camper with it.

Now, initially we really liked it, but since our truck is a short bed truck, we did have a few issues on those really tight turns where the camper actually made contact with the cab.Whenever you do have a fifth wheel on a short bed truck, we do always recommend either a slider or a rotating turret, that way that the pin box will move back and will have better clearance. Now, our E16 is compatible with rotating pin boxes, you just need to pick up a separate wedge that is sold separately. But, whenever we do go to hook up, I have a pendant here that's going to simulate pulling up to our camper. And it's going to have a inaudible 00:01:12 jaw, which that bar is gonna come in, and there's a spring that's gonna automatically know that we're hooking up, and it's gonna lock that bar into place and make it really nice and secure, so we're not gonna have a whole lot of movement. That tension bar is what's gonna set that slide bar to come in, and it's gonna work in conjunction with it, making sure we're not gonna have a whole lot of rattle or movement inside.Now, our fifth wheel is gonna have a dual pivoting head, so it's gonna make hooking up a lot easier, even if we're on uneven ground.

The skid plate here, is gonna be an anti-rattle design, so it's gonna have a little bit of a cushion, so even going down some of that rough terrain, we're not gonna have too much of that chucking and rattling sound. Now, one of the things I really like about this fifth wheel, is that it's a very simple design. We're gonna have two pins, one on each side of the head, and if we pull those out, you can actually remove the head itself. And, it turns what normally into a two person job, into one. Then we can remove the pin, swing the arms out, and we can remove the base, for those times that we need full access of our bed.

Our hitch is gonna be adjustable here on the sides using these mounting holes, and it's gonna be adjustable from 11 1/2 up to 13 1/2 inches.Another nice feature of the base here, is that it's gonna have this green tab that both the legs are gonna lock into, and once that green tab is sticking out and both of them are in, we know that it's fully locked in place. But, we're gonna remove the pin, legs out, then we can rotate this the other way, and then we'd be able to pull the base out. The handle here, once it's fully engaged, it's gonna have a small ear. Along with the hitch here, we can actually run a padlock through to make sure everything stays nice and secure. Keep in mind, those are sold separately.

Now, as far as weight capacity goes, our Curt hitch is gonna have a 16,000 pound gross trailer rating, along with a 4,000 pound vertical load limit. Now, with those numbers in mind, you always wanna double check your Nissan's owner's manual, and never exceed the manufacturer's recommended weight.So if you're looking for a fifth wheel for your Titan, and you have the factory prep package, our current E16 is gonna be a good choice. It's not gonna have all the same features, and some of the feature that some of the more expensive ones have. But, it's gonna be a very simple design, and very easy to use. So our Curt is gonna make sure that we can get down the road comfortably and safely. That'll finish up your look at the Curt E16 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch for the Nissan Titan XD Towing Prep Package, part number C16515-16026.

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