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Curt ATV Towing Starter Kit Review

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Review of the Curt ATV Towing Starter Kit

Adam: Hi, everyone. Adam with Today, we're going to be talking about ball mounts for your ATV. I'm here at etrailer right now, we just pulled these from our inventory and we're going to be going over some of the specs and uses of these ball mounts. These are going to be for your ATV and we're going to have two different sizes by Curt. We're going to have an inch and seven-eighths and also a two inch as well.

The difference between these is pretty much if you already have a hitch on your side by side or four-wheeler, all you need to do is grab this mount here.But if you have no hitch receiver on it, we can get this clevis sleeve here. And that's just going to bolt on with the included hardware. And that's going to act as your ball mounts as well. It has some safety chains here too. So we're going to go ahead and go out on the prop and go ahead and put it on our side by side and see how they work.All right.

So we're out on the property. We have our ranger here and since we already have a two inch hitch receiver, we don't need the clevis sleeve that comes with it. But every single kit that we're showing you today will come with the two-inch shank ball. We're going to use the two inch and of course just slide it in. And it does come with the pin and clip.So this is the two inch ball, and it's going to have a nice powder coated finish.

So it's going to resist against rust and corrosion, but it is going to give you a significant rise as well. Whether you have a trailer that you're hauling that has a coupler, you can use this, but you can also use this right here.So if you have a double clevis trailer, you slide that over there and put your pin through. So it's kind of the best of both worlds. So one thing you guys do need to know is that it does not come with a clevis pin. And so you can pick some of those up at

It's basically just a pen, a little bit thicker. And some of them have more options with holes and everything. So I just grabbed one of these off of one of my other equipment here. But if you don't have one, pick one up at, I'm using this type of trailer. Now it's a double clevis doing a lot of work here at the property. So let's just see how it handles up.Well, one thing to note, didn't hear a whole lot of rattling back there. So the pin that they give you with the kit, it's like the perfect size. So it actually, it doesn't act as an anti-rattle device, but definitely don't hear any rattling going on back there. Something that I was definitely concerned with, but I don't have that issue here. So that's definitely a thumbs up for me. So as you can see here, we're utilizing the two inch ball mounts for the coupler on our larger trailer. I got a couple of bigger li or twigs and sticks that I need to clean up. A big wind storm, came through a lot of sticks and stuff in the yard. So this is going to be great for that. It is a pretty big trailer, but my machine can handle it. And so can the ball mount.So if you don't have a two inch hitch on your machine and you just have a clevis right here, I would suggest grabbing one of the full kits. So what we're going to get with this kit is obviously our ball mount, but we're going to get this converter. And basically that's just going to go over this hole here and we're going to thread it down with our included hardware. There is a stabilization plate. And what this is going to do is going to thread into the bottom of this. So I'll kind of show you when it's off of it. If we only have one pivot point for this ball mount, it might want to swing every once in a while. So we do have threaded holes in the bottom. We're going to put this like so and what it's going to do, it's going to butt up to this underneath our mount, and that's going to prevent it from sliding back and forth.I'm not going to use it on this application because it actually interferes with lining up the hole on the big one, but this definitely it comes with the kit. And it's also going to act as an anti-rattle device because the holes do go all the way through if you can see here. So once you start threading them in and it's actually going to push up on this ball mount here, just to take out any rattling. But for today, we're going to take our big bolt, our lock washer and our nut, and get her secured down. Pretty simple stuff. Put it down like that. Put your lock washer on and throw it on your nut. I do suggest hand tightening, everything as much as you can. And then coming back with a wrench and finishing the job. Then you can go ahead and grab our ball mount and slide this in. And we can put our pin and clip on there as well. And if you're wondering where it's at, it's actually inside here, we've got to take the sticker off and we're going to have everything we need.So now that we converted our full Wheeler to a clevis mount to our two-inch hitch, now we have the best of both worlds. We have a inch and seven-eights ball that we can use to haul around some of those trailers. And also we still don't lose our clevis attachment here. So it's going to have two. So best of both worlds, we can still do what this was able to do before, but now we've got a ball now. So the dimensions of these two, meaning the two inch and the inch and seven-eighths are almost going to be exactly identical from the center of our hitch pin hole to the center of our clevis hole is going to be about seven and a half inches. And then the center of our hitch pin hole to the center of our integrated ball on both the two and the one and seven-eighths is going to be about six inches.So from here to the start of this bar here, we are going to have a little bit less than an inch and three-quarters. And then from the end of this bar here to the center of our clevis hole, it's going to be about an inch and a half. And then from the center of our clevis hole to the very end here, we are going to have about an inch, a smidge over if any, but other than that, it is going to be universal measurements for both the seven-eighths ball and the two-inch ball.The only difference between these two measurement wise is the heights. As you can see here, it does sit a little bit taller. You're going to have a little bit more rise to it, not a whole lot, but with the bigger ball, of course, you're going to have a little bit more rise to it.So for the clevis adapter, the overall length of it is going to be about five and a half inches from the center of our hitch pin hole to the center of our clevis hole is going to be pretty much three inches on the dot. Also, if you guys are wondering when it's installed on your machine or safety cables, we'll be hooking onto this and that's going to give it an overall height of about four and three-quarter inches. So all in all, after messing with these things a couple of times, I've messed with some in the past as well, really, nothing special stood out to me on any of them. They get the job done and that's pretty much all I'm really looking for. So I would definitely recommend grabbing something like this for your side by side or ATV, just so it can do more.

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