Curt A20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Review

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Review of the Curt A20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna be taking a look at the CURT A20 Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch for the Nissan Titan XD Towing Prep Package. That's gonna be part number C16540-16026.So here's what our hitch looks like once we have it installed. Now this is gonna work perfectly for our Titans that have the factor prep package. The base here is just gonna slide into the puck system, you use four turn levers to lock them down.Now the head itself is gonna bolt to the leg assembly, and we're gonna have four height adjustments so we can match up to our trailer and make sure we have adequate clearance. And our head is gonna be adjustable all the way from 13 up to 17 inches.Our hitch is gonna have a full 360 degree contact going around the kingpin so we don't have to worry about it rattling around. And unlike the slide bar style jaws, this is gonna make sure that it makes full contact all the way around the kingpin.

And you can see, when we open the jaws up, those two pieces are gonna separate, and when we back up to our trailer, the kingpin is gonna push in, and the jaws are gonna automatically lock.So I have a plastic kingpin here to simulate the trailer. So we start backing up, and as the kingpin goes in, you can see the jaws are gonna start to wrap around. Then it'll lock it in place. And as you can see, it's really not gonna have a whole lot of play or movement inside of there because it's making a firm grip, right, all the way around.And the handle here is gonna be really to access from the side of the bed. You can simply pull out just a little bit, and it will push the handle back to open up those jaws.Now Curt does make it easy for us.

They put this color coding on the back of the head, so we can even see it from inside the cab. The yellow's gonna let us know that we're ready to couple; green's gonna let us know that we're ready to tow; and red's gonna be that it's in the locked . it's locked in the uncoupled position. And you can see when the jaws close, it's gonna be green, letting us know that it's fully locked in.Once the handle's in the correct position, we can take our pinning clip and secure it, and that'll make sure that the handle's not gonna come out accidentally. Now the head is gonna be a fully articulating head.

So we're gonna be able to tilt it side-to-side as well as front-to-back. It's gonna make it really nice when we're hooking up, we're not gonna have to be perfectly lined up and on level ground to get it hooked up. The wide funnel is also gonna make it a lot easier for us to get connected.The head also is gonna absorb a lot of the shock, so when going down the road, we're not gonna have that jarring feeling, and it's gonna be a nice, comfortable ride.Now one big benefit with our Curt A-series hitch here is it is gonna be compatible with the rotating turrets. So if you have a short-bed Nissan Titan that has the puck package, we're not gonna have to worry about those cab clearances because those rotating turrets are gonna move that pivot point back from the hitch itself.Now keep in mind that the capture plate, as well as the rotating turret itself itself is gonna be sold separately.Now putting your fifth wheel in or taking it out to have access to the bed of your truck can be a little cumbersome. But Curt kept that in mind with the design.

We're gonna have this large pin here with this retaining ring. If we pull this out, we can actually pull this pin completely out from the back side, and we can remove the head assembly from the midsection, making it a lot lighter whenever we're putting it in or taking it out.Now when it comes to keeping our fifth wheel in working order, Curt has put a couple grease fittings in the jaw so we know that it's gonna open and close properly for a long time. The A20's also gonna come with a lube plate, making hooking up a lot nicer.Now the A20 is gonna have a 5,000 pound vertical load limit, and then 20,000 pound gross trailer rate rating. Now with those numbers in mind, you always want to double check your truck's owner's manual and never exceed the manufacturer's recommended weight.So if you're looking for an easy way to use your factor puck system in your Titan, and you wanna tow a fifth wheel trailer, our Curt A20 is gonna be a good choice because it's gonna be a simple installation getting it in, and it's gonna allow us to get our trailer safely and securely down the road.Steven 00:04:16 wrote in saying that he bought the fifth wheel for his 2017 Nissan Titan XD with the puck system, and he was pleasantly surprised that the base fit perfectly in the puck system, but he did apply a little bit of grease to the pucks and receivers to reduce any kind of wear or corrosion.That'll finish up your look at the Curt A20 Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch for the Nissan Titan XD Towing Prep Package, part number C16540-16026.

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