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Curt MultiPro and Multi-Flex Tailgate Hitch Cap Sensor Review

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Review of the Curt MultiPro and Multi-Flex Tailgate Hitch Cap Sensor

Hey everybody, how's it going Today we are going to be going over the Curt protective Multi Pro and multiplex tailgate sensor. So this system here has sort of a dual purpose if you will. Number one, we're going to get a nice protective hitch cover here for the receiver tube on our truck, to keep the inside of the trailer hitch free of any rust. Therefore, we don't have to worry about any troubles or headaches inserting our accessories. It also looks pretty nice too, to have that black cover on there. However, the main purpose of this kit here is going to serve to protect our tailgate.

So I'm sure you guys are aware of on the newer GMC and Chevy trucks, some of these models come with the MultiPro or the multiflex tailgate system, depending on which model you have GMC or Chevy, they both call these things, the MultiPro or the multiplex. They are however, the same tailgate. Now this is a great feature for your truck. I really like those tailgates, but there is one big problem a lot of consumers have come to know, and that's damage to the inner part of their tailgate while lowering it while they have a hitch-mounted accessory in place. Now, I know what you guys are thinking, you guys, aren't going to be the ones that are going to do this.

You're not going to make that mistake by lowering the inner section of the tailgate with your ball mount in the trailer, hitch there, but it's actually a little bit more common. We hear of countless stories, horror stories if you will, of people damaging their tailgate by lowering the center section while they have a ball mount in place, Let's face it guys. This is a several thousand dollar mistake. It's not one you guys want to make yourselves. Therefore you're definitely going to want to look into the sensor system.

So basically how this works is there's actually going to be a center built into our cover here. And what the sensor does is, it cuts the circuit to the inner portion of our tailgate while it's opened. So right now the sensor is closed. Therefore our circuit is still active. So if we go ahead, lower the tailgate, like we would normally there's the main tailgate.

And here is the center section. You can see it releases no problem, no issues whatsoever, normal functionality. So now we've got our ball Mount in there and we're ready to tow, but we need to get something out of our truck bed first that we forgot. So let's go ahead, open up our tailgate here, open up the main tail gate. Something's a little bit further back in there that I can't quite reach with the main tailgate down. So I'm going to try to lower the center section here so I can reach back a little bit further, but as we can see here, the sensor system is overriding the tailgate functionality here on our vehicle. And I can't lower that center section. And that's great because if I we're to lower this, it would certainly come in contact with our hitch ball here, damaging our tailgate, costing us thousands in repairs. So today we have this sensor installed on a 1500 half ton pickup. However, if you have a larger three quarter or even the one ton pickups with the two and a half inch receiver tube opening, there is an option here for that larger receiver tube opening. Therefore, no matter if you have the two inch or two and a half inch trailer hitch, you're going to have an option here with the sensor system to prevent damage to your tailgate. This kit here, assuming that we have the correct size for our trailer hitch is going to work with 2019 and up GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado pickups. So in regards to installation, this one is very simple. It's definitely something I encourage you guys to try at home by yourselves. We really only need a couple of common hand tools to get, be able to get this job done. We don't have to worry about lifting the vehicle and best of all, everything is plug and play. There's no splicing or alterations needed to your truck here, so it can remain completely stock and factory without voiding any warranties. And that's going to do it today for our look of the Curt protective Multi Pro and multi flex tailgate sensor..

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