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Curt Stainless Steel 2 Inch Hitch Ball Review

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Review of the Curt Stainless Steel 2 Inch Hitch Ball

Today, we're gonna be taking a look at the CURT trailer ball. So this trailer ball is gonna be for your 2" couplers. Just make sure that your coupler on top, it says 2". So that is something that you want to make sure that you get so you can actually use it on the trailer you want to use it on. It's gonna have a 10,000 pound gross trailer weight capacity. So, you want to match it up with a ball mount that's gonna have at least that.

Just because we don't really want to limit our setup, whatever is rated for the lowest amount of weight, that is what weight you're gonna have to go by. So, definitely match those up. And whenever you're matching them up, you want to make sure that the base of the ball mount, it's gonna be at least 3/8" thick. And the shank, let me take this off real quick. It's about 2 5/8" long.

And then the diameter is gonna be about 1 1/4". So, this ball mount's 1 1/4", this is 1 1/4". So we don't have much play at all. Anything bigger and it's not gonna fit and anything smaller, there's gonna be a lot of play there. We really want to line our setup up right with the right parts, just so they kind of work together properly.

And that's pretty much all you got to do whenever you're picking out your ball mount. If you we're to upgrade, I mean, this one's made of steel, it has a chrome finish to it. But if you did want to upgrade, I mean, they're all gonna work the same, really. This one's just made of one piece and it's just all machined out of one solid piece of metal. But another thing you can do, as you can see, this has a much larger base than the CURT right here.

So this is gonna be very close whenever you want to get a little bit more of a rise out of your ball mount, but you don't feel like getting another ball mount. So that is an option on our website and it's just made of a little bit better material, but all of them will eventually start to look, eh, after you use them a while. One thing, if you do want to keep it nice for longer, we do have some grease. Just add that to your cart and put it on there, 'cause there's a lot of grinding and friction that happens with this. So if you keep that nice and lubed up, it's gonna last a little bit longer and it won't chip and rust away. And that's pretty much it for our look at the CURT 2" trailer ball..

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