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Coghlans Pop-Up Trash Can Review

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Review of the Coghlans Pop-Up Trash Can

So, we'll take a look at our Coghlan's pop-up trash can. This is a 14.1 gallon trash can. And you can see right away how portable it is as it is in its compact position. This feels very lightweight but also sturdy, like I'm not gonna be worried about accidentally puncturing this as I store it. As for the size, measuring right over here for the diameter, it sits at about 16 inches, but I guess that will depend on where you measure it. So, you can see right away how easy it is to store it wherever you need to, whether it's inside your camper or in your, let's say, your hiking backpack.

Now, you also have on the in, outside this and garbage bag pouch. So, when you are ready to go camping, don't forget to fill this up with your garbage liners. That way, they're ready to go once you open this. Speaking of that, let's pop this up. So, on the edges of our garbage can, we have these nylon tabs.

So, that's what's holding it in the storage position. We're just gonna bring this into there. That way, we can release it. It's just a very easy latch. Once those are release, it's now your pop-up trash can.

So, you have a zipper on the top and that's holding your lid closed. So, when you're ready to put the liner in there, just unzip that top, flip it over to the side, now let's fill it up with trash. What's holding this up is a spring-loaded frame. And notice how even as you drop it onto surfaces, it kinda just jumps up and maintains its nice shape. As for the size of the trash can, we have it at about 18 1/2 inches tall.

And again, on the inside, about 15 inches in diameter. So, that's pretty much how much space you have for your trash or other items if you just wanna use this as a storage container. Again, this is 14.1 gallons. You don't have to use this just as a trash can too. You can also use this for other items as a quick pop-up storage container. Let's say, you're having, you have your games, you have your clothes or blankets, really whatever you wanna put in there. We have some trash now in our trash can, so we'll just close this lid over it. That's gonna be helpful to, if let's say, you wanna go out hiking and you just want this covered while you're out. So, with that fully zippered closed, let's take it out. And if you do want it to stay in place, you can use your stakes to just stake this down to your campground. You also have these two convenient carry handles on the side. And now, it will depend on how much trash or how heavy the trash is, or whatever you're carrying is on the inside. But it is nice to know that you have a good frame around, so you're not worried about them just falling through the middle and breaking your trash can. So, my personal thoughts about this pop-up trash can is I do see it being very useful. Let's say, if you're out camping, you're out hiking, or if you just have a teeny, tiny teardrop camper like what we have here at etrailer, this is nice for when you wanna conserve space as you travel. I also like how we have a pretty decent frame on our trash can. When I'm out camping, sometimes I just use a trash bag and I try to just hook it up somewhere, that's flies away very quickly and is not as durable as this. You don't have to just stick to trash though, you can also use this as a convenient storage container if you do like this size as we do like it's material. So all in all, it's pretty handy. And that was a look here at our pop-up trash can from Coghlan's, right here at My name is Evangeline and I hope you enjoyed the journey..

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