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Clazzio Front and Rear Seat Covers Review

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Review of the Clazzio Front and Rear Seat Covers

If you're looking for the best seat covers in the history of seat covers, the Clazzio Seat Covers will convert any cloth interior to leather. What you wanna do is go to the center at the top of our website, that's gonna be our fit guide. Put your vehicle's year, make, and model in there, and that will line you up with the correct custom fit seat covers for your vehicle. This is going to be the closest thing to an OEM look, and is the tightest fit of all the seat covers I've tried here at etrailer. Whether you're at the construction site or maybe you're just farming out in the field, these are gonna be anti-bacterial material that it's made of, which is gonna be extra nice, so it's not gonna soak in all those nasty stuff and start stinking over time. It is ventilated, so you can see right here we have a bunch of different holes, so if you do have ACed seats, that air will come through, we have tested it, and also, for the heated seats, it's also gonna transfer that heat to the cover and keeps you nice and warm.

With any type of leather seats, whether it's a seat cover or just leather seats in general, they do tend to get a little bit hotter in the summer, so I do recommend maybe grabbing something for your front windshield to block out some of that heat, but you don't have to worry about it fading over time just like all the normal leather, it's genuine and it's not gonna fade. All these seat covers are hand stitched, and you have the double seam running all the way around, so every single seam that you have is gonna be double stitched, and it's just nice that some factory's not putting these together, it's all hand done. And just notice how good of a fit it has, it's absolutely amazing, it even goes around all of our trim, so you can't even tell that it's a seat cover. It's also gonna make your seats extra comfortable, because in the center of all of our seats right here where your bum sits, this is gonna have a half inch thick foam to give you some added comfort. They even give us a little slot back here to keep whatever we kept in here before, but it's gonna give us an extra little pocket, so that's nice, we're not deleting those back pockets.

A lot of these other seat covers, one, they don't fit as well, and two, sometimes they don't even give you that, so thank you Clazzio. Also, if you ever just want to lift everything up, you can't even see any seam, this is absolutely ridiculous. When it comes to seat covers, this is the most premium you can get, even when you fold it up, you still can't even tell that it is a seat cover. That's what I like so much about them, just because people literally think these are leather seats that come from the factory, that's what they look like, and they're also gonna have where your center console, I do like how it has all the little cutouts around our little cup holders, and also, for our back headrest, they do the same exact thing. So some of them don't go around our little plastic pieces here, these do, and as you can see, just such a good fit.

We're gonna have this for all of the seats, so definitely use our fit guide, figure it out, and you can cover every single seat with these Clazzio Seat Covers. There really isn't any other seat cover that compares to the Clazzio's handmade, genuine leather, it's just the number one thing to do, whether you just got your truck and you want to upgrade, definitely great for that, but also for resale value, you're gonna keep your nice seats nice, and then these covers are going to convert it into leather and make it look a lot better too. So if you're kind of in between, my opinion, go with the Clazzios. And one last thing, leather's gonna be so much easier to clean, so if you do have pets in here, trust me, it's gonna be a lot easier and a lot quicker to keep it cleaner. When it comes to the install, these are extremely tight, so I do recommend throwing them out into the sun, letting them bake a little bit, so they'll be a little bit more stretchy, but once you install these, they're gonna be installed for good.

You can take them off, but what I mean by that is they're not gonna shift around, so once they're on, they're gonna be good to go. If you really want leather seats, but you have a truck that doesn't come with it, you don't really have to wait to find one that does, the Clazzio seat covers are going to be the closest thing to OEM leather, and I highly recommend them to anybody who's looking for seat covers, trust me, it is 100% worth it. And that's pretty much it for a look at the Clazzio Leather Seat Covers..

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