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Classic Accessories Lawn Tractor Seat Cover Review

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Review of the Classic Accessories Lawn Tractor Seat Cover

Jake: Hey guys, it's Jake here with etrailer. Today we're going to be taking a look at the Classic Accessories Tractor Seat Cover. What the cover is designed to do is it's designed to keep water and UV rays off of your seat, your factory seat, because we all know those seats are expensive to replace. What can happen over time is, if you don't have a seat cover on it, what will happen is the vinyl or the rubber-like material that it's made of can start to crack and it'll eventually destroy your seat.Let's go ahead and walk over here to our example because he's actually already replaced the seat on that tractor once. So this is the kind of stuff that can happen with being out in the sun. It can damage it, make the plastic hard and brittle so when you sit down on it, it's going to crease and then crack the seat.I don't know if any of you guys have ever driven a tractor or a lawnmower with a pair of shorts on, this stuff is actually got quite a bit of sharpness to it, and what it can do is it can pinch your skin.

Not very pleasant.So the idea is, with this seat cover, is going to protect your seat so that doesn't happen. Like I said, I can pull it off real quick. The seat used to be yellow. We did have to buy a new seat because the cracking got so bad it was just uncomfortable to sit on. So that's why we're going to be using this cover on it so we can protect our new seat.On the backside of the cover, I have it removed right now for ease of you guys being able to see it.

You're going to have two mesh pockets on either side, one solid pocket here in the middle, and then another nice feature about it is it's going to have a zipper pocket for any of those items. Maybe you have some hitch pins for the back of your tractor or something like that, or if you're mowing your grass and you want to throw a bottle of water or two in the back here, you'll have it readily available if you're not close to your house.Here on the bottom, on the inside of the cover, you can see the nice padding. It's not super thick but you don't want it super thick because that would just make it more and more difficult to slide on and off the seat. But it is a little bit of padding to be able to protect the seat and give you a little bit of cushion.The seat cover is going to be elastic to be able to fit various different size seats. This cover is going to be the medium seat cover so you can see where the back is for our seat and the bottom.

It will have a tag here, a nice, bright yellow tag to show you where the front, which is the front of your seat, is going to be.To get it in place, it's extremely easy. Slide it over and get your elastic down on there, give it a couple of pats there in the middle, and that's all there is to it. I like it because it's going to be a fairly universal fit. There will be two sizes. We do have both available here at etrailer, there's a medium and a small.

Now, where you'd use a small is if you have a lawnmower tractor or a tractor that has a seat that just comes up a little bit in the back, the back cover for the backrest is going to be a little bit shorter. The bottom should be the same but the back is going to be a little shorter for those different style seats.The seat cover is going to be gray and black. What I like that Classic Accessories did was they did not put the black on the seat part, they put the gray, which is going to help it to not be so hot in the summertime. That was one of the biggest problems with this new seat that we did get. We couldn't find a yellow seat so we went ahead and got a black one. The problem is, is working out in the sun all day, that seat gets hot, you sit down and it's going to be a little warm. So having this gray seat, we don't have to worry about that anymore.Well, guys, I hope you enjoyed this review of the Classic Accessories Tractor Seat Cover. But if you don't mind, I got some work to get done.

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