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Classic Accessories UTV Seat Cover Review

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Review of the Classic Accessories UTV Seat Cover

Today we'll be taking a look at the Classic Accessories UTV Seat Cover and Realtree Hardwoods, Part Number 052963783735. The seat covers are also available in black, Part Number 052963783773. The quick-fit Realtree Hardwoods cover keeps your seats clean and dry while also shielding against dirt, mud, and weather damage. The covers are made of a heavy duty, UV resistant, Protect X, extreme fabric with PVC backing for protection from the elements and snags from your gear, pets, or other passengers. The elasticated hem and attachment straps provide a quick and custom fit. Now that we've gone over some features, we'll show you how to get it installed. The first thing we're going to do is our bottom here. We're going to start by lifting up our seats and just setting that up against the steering wheel.

We're going to fit our cover over our seats. If you want to get an extra set of hands, that might be helpful. We'll start by securing our cover around. We've got our cover around our seats to this. Pretty baggy around there, so we actually have a drawstring here.

We're going to just tighten that down. With that drawstring tightened, it's going to tighten up that cover. Then we can take our straps here on the other side. We're going to just feed them through and pull them up here. Then take the top of our hook-and-loop strap and just secure that in place.

Then we can do the same to the other side as well. Now we can move on to our seat back here. We'll just fit this around. Once again, you may need an extra set of hands. We again got that drawstring portion on our side here. We're going to take our clip here and reach it all the way down and attach it to this bungee underneath that is attached to our seat cover.

All that's going to do is secure it even further to tighten it in place so it doesn't come off. Our headrest covers also come with our kit, although we don't have any today. If you did have some on your UTV, you could use those as well. That's going to complete our look at the Classic Accessories UTV Seat Cover and Realtree Hardwoods, Part Number 052963783735.