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Classic Accessories Golf Cart Seat Cover Review

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Review Classic Accessories Golf Cart Seat Cover

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Classic Accessories golf cart seat cover, part number CA40029. Extend the life of your golf cart seats by protecting them against sun damage, dirt, and wear. The Classic Accessories golf cart seat covers fit any golf cart with a seat cushion. They come in a nice khaki color, and they're made out of a non-slip terrycloth fabric. They can make old golf carts seats look new again, and they install in minutes. We'll go ahead and show you that now. First thing we need to do is go ahead and remove our bottom seat. For our particular seat, it just folds up and then lifts out.

I've gone ahead and disconnected the buckle straps. We also need to locate the sticker in the front that says, "FRONT". Then we can lay it in place, making sure that that faces forward. Then we can locate the corner seams, tuck it around the corner, and then around the back corner, and do the same for the other side. Now we want to be sure to tuck in our tabs on the sides of our seat, that way we can access them from underneath.

Now, if you have armrests, you're going to want to locate that elastic cord and actually pull it over the armrest so it's underneath. Here on the underside, we can then run and attach our buckle. Now, we want to be aware of how our seat connects back to our cart, so we want to work our strap around that, and then we're going to feed it down through our loop, here, and then our loop, here, and then finally connect it at the bottom, here. Once it's connected, I'm just going to straighten it up a little bit, and then I'm going to pull it nice and tight. Then I'll repeat the same process for the other side. With everything all tightened down, we can go ahead and reattach our seat.

Looks pretty good. Now, for our backrest, it's much easier than the seat cushion. All we have to do is locate the seams for our corners, put it in position, and then stretch it over the other side. Then we can locate our hook and stretch it down to the other side, just like that. Great. Now we're all set. If they ever get dirty, we can just machine wash them, though you'll want to be sure not to use any soap, it can remove the protective coating.

you want to be sure and hang them out to dry. That's going to complete our look at the Classic Accessories golf cart seat covers, part number CA40029.

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