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Classic Accessories Deluxe 3 Bike Cover Review

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Review of the Classic Accessories Deluxe 3 Bike Cover

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Classic Accessories Deluxe three bike cover for RV hitch mounted bike racks, part number CA80111. Keep your bikes clean and dry while you're on the road with this convenient Classic Accessories three bike cover. It's constructed of a durable weather resistant polyester with clear panels for your front and rear tires. Dual air vents prevent moisture build up and wind lofting. The majestic Classic Accessories logo is emblazed upon the cover for more visibility at night. Now, you can use this for other applications but it is recommended for use with RV's because the RV is so wide it will reduce the wind while still giving visibility to both tail lights. Now that we've gone over some of the features, I'll go ahead and show you how to put it on.

Now, we've got a two bike platform style bike rack here today. It will work up to a three bike platform and will also work for a three bike, hanging style rack. Let's go ahead and grab that cover. We'll need to locate the separating zipper in the back which is going to be right here and then you've got your lettering in the front which is going to face outward. Let's undo that zipper, it's got a hook and loop here that we need to undo.

We'll just get that unzipped and then we're going to come up and just kind of toss it around in front, trying to keep it centered as you will and then we can come around back and kind of continue draping it around. We'll do that same thing on that side, bring it over the handlebars and such. All right, then we can grab the elastic portion which is the bottom. This is going to go around our tires, just work it over them. Now that we've made sure the cover is completely draped over our bikes, we can go ahead and relocate that separating zipper in the back and get that zipped up. It just works like a normal zipper, just go ahead and meet it together and zip it all the way up and replace that hook and loop strap and that's going to keep it from coming undone.

Now, let's go ahead and take our included rope and we're going to run it through our D rings. We've got two in the front here and then two on the top in the back. What I'm going to do is I'm going to run it through both of them in the front here, put one in through and then the other one through and then just pull them both back and then go up to the top. Then once I get it through the two top D rings, I'm going to come back down the same way as I went up, pull down and then run it back through and then tie them up. You can see, we've got plenty of rope to work with here. Just going to tie an easy knot that way I can get it undone.

You just want to make sure that they're nice and tight and there we go. That's going to complete our look at the Classic Accessories deluxe three bike cover for RV hitch mounted bike racks, part number CA80111.