CIPA Golf Cart Adjustable Side Mirror Review

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Review of the CIPA Golf Cart Adjustable Side Mirror

Today we are going to be taking a look at the CIPA adjustable side mirror for golf carts, Part Number CM01140. The CIPA golf cart mirror is a great addition to your golf cart. It helps increase visibility when you're backing up or when you're out on the links. It features a ball and socket joint, allowing you to adjust it to your preferred angle. It has a breakaway design which lets the mirror fold in or out when struck. The shatterproof convex lens gives you a wide angle view.

It is surrounded by a high-impact black ABS plastic housing. It's dimensions are 7-11/16 inches tall, it's 4-5/8 inches wide. It's a simple installation. The clamps are going to fit a wide variety of golf cart roll cages. It can be mounted to the driver or the passenger side. If you would like another one, you just need to purchase another one on the same part number. Now that we have gone over the features, I will go ahead and show you how to get it installed.

It comes with two different brackets. We have a 1-inch bracket, which as you can see is not going to work around our roll cage bar here. We have the 3/4-inch bracket, which looks like it's going to work perfectly. The way we get this installed is we will take this portion of our bracket with the 90-degree angle on it, and then we would take our adhesive pad and we would kind of get in the corner like that, but for today's demonstration, we are going to do it without the adhesive strip. We will take our clamp and we are going to put them together like this around our bar, so it looks just like that, and then we can grab our mirror. We want to make sure it's in this position with the cap on top, put it on place, and then we can just grab our flat washers and put them in place, followed by our lock mounts. Once we get those hand tightened, we can grab a 10-mm socket or wrench and get those tightened down.

Now we won't tighten it down all the way just yet. We will get it loosely installed, and then we can adjust it to our desired height. We can see that our bracket is giving us some adjustability. I'm going to keep it pretty much centered up here. Now with it loosely installed, let's go ahead and put it at our desired height. I want it about head-level out to the left, so I'm sitting here in the driver's seat putting it in position.

I think that's good right about there. Let's go ahead and tighten it up. I'd say we've got it. That's going to complete our look at the CIPA adjustable side mirror for golf carts, Part Number CM01140. You can find this and everything else right here at

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