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CIPA Extreme Rearview Boat Mirror Review

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Review of the CIPA Extreme Rearview Boat Mirror

What's up everybody. It's AJ with Today, we're gonna be checking out this rear view boating mirror from SEPA. It's going to clamp on right here on the windshield frame. So it's easy to put on there and take off no permanent install. So you don't have to worry about damaging anything.

It's going to be really helpful when you're driving. You can look through there and say turn it around and constantly to see behind you and customizable for a wider angle. Let's check it out. Looking at the front here, the mirror portion. First, you got this big flat glass here in the middle and that's going to be depicting images as they really are.

And then on the side you have the convex mirrors and that's going to give you a little bit more of a wide angle look at things, and those are adjustable. So you can push in, move those wherever you need them to be. So nothing's stuck and set in place. There's a few different points of articulation you can have for your mirror. So you can loosen this, it loosens up the ball joint and you can easily move this whatever direction you needed to be tying down by using that same knob.

You can also loosen this here on the side and that's going to tilt it forward and backwards. That way you get a different angle on it. Just like that. Looking at the front of the mirror, once again it's going to be seven inches tall and then 20 inches wide. Now each different section it's going to be four inches wide, 12 inches wide, and then four inches wide again.

Looking at the handout down here. This is actually what operates the clamp. So if I loosen this it's going to have the jaws come apart there on the clamp allowing you to slide this off of the frame and inside the clamp there's actually a few different size spacers. That's going to help you get a better fit on the windshield. So you can see that we set that one in there. That's the one we're gonna use today on this. And to put it on the slide into place that easy and turn this down. And as you turn the knob it tightens it back up on the inside and gets nice and tight. Now this is going to fit windshield frames from three eights of an inch, all the way up to an inch and a quarter. You got an A.B.S. plastic that surrounds the back of the mirror. And then the arm here is going to be a textured metal it's coated. So you don't have to worry about it failing. It's not just like a piece of plastic that it's going to wear down over time holding this heavy mirror. This is going to hold up just fine and keep it right in place. Overall, this is going to be a big help to your boat. So that on they're far less looking behind you and strain on your neck, you can see everything it's also customizable. So if you want to come in a little bit you can on the sides, just lots of options to help you see everything behind you. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out. I hope this helps..

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