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CE Smith Post-Style Guide-Ons with LED Lights Review

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Review of the CE SMIth Post-Style Guide-Ons with LED Lights

Today on this boat trailer, we're going to show you the CE Smith post-style guidons with LED lights for boat trailers, part # CE27740. This is what the guidepost looks like once installed on a typical boat trailer. Now this is a 40" length that we're working with here and you can see we have power applied to it, has a couple lights, we have amber going towards the front, red going towards the back. This is all a sealed unit so if this goes into water, no big deal. This is all . The cap and the post, PVC construction, where it goes down to a galvanized upright that is clamped on to the frame at the bottom. Now the goalpost is a good idea to load your boat up on your trailer when most of your trailer is submerged underwater. Like I said, we're working with a 40", there's also a 60" available as well, part # CE27640. To start off our install, we're going to work with the two U-bolts right here.

This one has a flat edge, that will go on first. This, with the U-bolt, with the little dent in it right here, will go over top of the other one. Move it around anywhere you want until you find your final location. We'll leave it sit. Now, U-bolts are galvanized material, as well as the clamp on the bottom.

Basically, our clamp has a variety of holes, so just use the ones that fit the best. Then, we'll install a flat washer and a lock nut. Then we'll do this on the remaining three sides. Next, we'll go ahead and grab the upright. We'll go ahead and install it in place and what happens is, when you tighten down the bolts, everything clamps together. We'll use a deep well 9/16 ratchet to snug down the bolts.

While still loose, make a few last minute adjustments, then tighten down for good. All right, now let's work with the PVC post. We'll take the cap which has our lights and our LEDs inside there, we'll take the cord and drop it through the bottom. We'll run all of our cord through. Loosely install the cap for now. All right, let's go ahead and take a post and the wire and yes, it's a square peg in a round hole.

We'll go ahead and run it down. Just be careful and make sure that the notch goes towards the boat on the PVC. Seems to help by twisting it a little bit. Before you get down to the end move our wire down beside the notch and push it down into place. All right, now at this point we can ahead and start to work our wires. I'm going to route mine across this way and then towards the inside of the frame and then work our way to the wire harness or the nearest running light, makes it a little bit easier to attach. We're also going to need some zip ties to secure our wires but these zip ties do not come with the kit but every time you do wiring it's always a good idea to grab some extra zip ties. Let's take our quick splice connector, we'll slide it on to our wire. Then we'll take our wire from the guide post, it'll run right next to it alongside and use some pliers on the metal clip to complete the connection. The we'll ground our wire to the frame. Now I'm using a self-tapping screw for this purpose. Now the kit does come with a couple different screws, however, a self-tapping one may work better in this application. I can drill it out first, then install the ring terminal. I think we'll stuff the excess in to the frame. For our quick splice connector, you probably want to cover it with some electrical tape before you zip tie or hide it in place too. Okay, let's apply power to it and make our last adjustment. In this case, the cap on top is still a little bit loose so we want it facing the right way, we want the amber color facing towards the front of the trailer and the red color facing towards the back. Okay and with that, that'll finish it for the CE Smith post-style guidons part # CE27740.



Could it be mounted on a cross member

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IT can be as long as the dimensions of the frame are at least 3 inches wide and 4-1/4 inches tall, and as long as the vertical guide post can be installed without obstructions of the items above the cross member.

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