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CE Smith I-Beam Clamps for Boat Trailers Review

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Review of the CE Smith I-Beam Clamps for Boat Trailers

Hey guys, it's Randy here at Now when working with customers, we get questions quite a bit from people that have the I-beam style boat trailers, and they want to get the guides, whether it's going to be roller guides underneath or post style guides like what we've got here that go on the outside to make it a lot easier to get your boat on the trailer. And now we do have an option with the 60, we're 75 inch tubes designed to bolt onto IBM trailers. Sometimes people want to use the roller bunks, or the wooden bunks, or maybe you want to get something underneath on that trailer. And with this clamp kit, you're going to be able to connect any of those items to your I-beam style trailer. And it's really a quick and easy one bolt connection.

You need two, nine, 16 wrenches to do it.And it solves that problem for us. Now, as far as the installation process goes, it's really straightforward. You're just going to need two nine 16 wrenches, two nine 16 sockets. We've got this one installed on the top of our beam. As you can see, we're able to use the two pieces of the clamp grab each side.

Then of course, we pass our support through and we'll use a bolt on top. Now you're going to have two different size bolts. We've got our shorter bolt here, and the longer bolt here for this one, which is about three and a quarter inches wide. This one was up closer to three and three quarters of an inch wide. That smaller bolt seems to work.

So I'd say anything under three and three quarters inch. You'll use the smaller bolt. Once you get over that, probably going to want to use that larger bolt.But to install it, We're going to Mount this one on the bottom of this one. These can be mounted on top or on the bottom. When I wanted to slid on that way, take the other one and slide it on the other way.

And we want these basically to be facing one another up to the position we want it.We want that clamp to fit around there, just like that, and then allows us to adjust in or out. Now, ideally put your pipe on there when you're setting that distance. What we're looking for is no more than two inches, no more than three inches. You want it to be close that way as you get lined up there and you're getting going, getting guided in, it'll take care of it for you. Once you get it in a position you want it, the bolts are going to pass through. We'll place on our washer and our lock that there,silence beginning to tighten that downPressure on it, inaudible 00:03:11 but there's no need to really bend these clamps or anything. We don't want it to form anything that squeezing pressure holds our bar in place really well. And at that point, you'll put your PVC down and on, something to keep in mind. Once that PVC goes down and on there, when you tighten this, it may change that angle just a little bit. So take a look and inspect it and make sure it's where you want it. But at that point you've got it installed and you're able to clamp this very rigidly to your I-beam at that point. And that can be used on any of the CE Smith post style guide have an IB and trailer, that clamp kit is going to solve a lot of problems, and it's going to give you a lot more flexibility in the guides that you can use. I think it's a great idea to have guides that can turn what can be sometimes a wreck or a mess, trying to get a boat on the trailer, especially in high winds, we've got high currently, or maybe you're just not that good at driving a boat. That's okay, too. This is going to allow you to use any of the CE Smith guide products, get them mounted onto your trailer so you can do it much more easily..

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