CargoBuckle Mini G3 Retractable Ratchet Straps Review

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Review of the CargoBuckle Mini G3 Retractable Ratchet Straps

Randy: Hey guys, it's Randy here at Today we're taking a look at a pair of ratchet straps from Cargo Buckle. These are their mini-G3s. These are a retractable ratchet strap, 6 foot long and an inch in width, so really good for ATVs, UTVs, tying stuff down like that, or even just using them on your utility trailer for lumber, things like that you have might have.Now a couple of things I really like about this ratchet strap, and I think kind of set it apart from some of the others, the first is the handle. It's really nice to get to, your release in here is rubber coated, as well as the handle. So you get a good grip on it, get plenty of force down.

I also really like the construction at the connection points here, where are strap comes around our hook and back. These seem to be really, really well sewn. Better sewn that what we'll see on some of the other ones. You'll notice on the side with the ratchet we're going to have a rubber coated S hook but it's going to include a keeper. Now it's not quite large enough to go around this big v ring but a lot of other smaller stuff it's going to click on there without any kind of an issue.And I like that, since this is retractable, this is really going to be the only side that we'll have to keep connected.

This should really prevent a lot of chasing the strap back and forth trying to keep the hooks in place.Now as far as the rest of the construction goes, you can see the clear zinc finish on everything is going to keep corrosion to a minimum. Then we've got the plastic housing around here, that's going to keep that retracting mechanism pretty safe in there. You also have the option here, you can see if you flip it over. You can see here as well, it's like a key hole slot, so if you have a bolt or an attachment point on your trailer you can slide that down and on. Or even use that as a permanent attachment point, however if you did that it's going to make this portion of it pretty useless.Now overall this strap material feels a little bit more sturdy it feels a little bit thicker than what we've seen out of some of the other ones and I think that has to do with the weight rating.

With this set up we're looking at a 466 pound safe working load limit. And a 1400 pound break strength. Now that heavier strap material is why we have a higher weight limit with this one. Even though it's still just a one inch strap, the safe working load limit is going to be 466 pounds. The break strength is going to be 1400.Now the retracting action is very helpful when it comes time to make our connections.

If you've done it in the past, usually you get your hook in place and it falls off before you can get your other one in. But here you see, we hook it in, let it go and it's going to hold enough tension on there so it doesn't come off. And another thing I like about this type of strap is, once we've got it secured down, we're done. We don't have any tag ins or anything like that we'll have to tie up. And once you're done, we can push this all the way down, and no longer have to hit the release. And that's going to automatically go in to its locked position for us.You know it goes nice and secure in the front, we'll head to the back get a few put on there. We'll be ready to hit the road.

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