Car Top Rooftop Cargo Box Review

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Review of the Car Top Rooftop Cargo Box

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Car Top Cargo Rooftop Cargo Box, part number CTC-18S. The Car Top Cargo Box is going to be great for carrying your sports equipment, your camping gear, or your luggage, and keeping it secure on the top of the vehicle, freeing up more space on the interior. Comes with a lock at the back of the box to keep everything nice and secure, prevent theft and tampering. Also on the sides here we have these clamps on the passenger, front, and driver side to keep the top secure. To make sure these don't come undone we have these clip hooks here, however you can remove these and use some small padlocks instead for additional security. To take them off it's really easy. Just push down on the tab here like so to open it up and it slides off pretty easy.

The box offers 18 cubic feet of space for storage for your luggage or your gear, and it has a carrying capacity of 110 pounds. Although you want to double check with your vehicle's manufacturer's instructions to make sure that your roof can withstand that kind of weight. It's also recommended that you spread the weight in the box itself. There should be no more than 30 pounds on either end, and no more than 50 pounds in the middle. With this box opening at the rear you can load your gear from the rear, but it also opens enough on the sides that if you need to get anything from your luggage you can. How this actually attaches to your roof rack, this metal bracket here held down by two turn knobs which are actually connected to a u-bolt underneath to clamp everything on.

Since the turn knobs are on the inside when this is locked down nobody can remove this from your roof rack. How we have this setting on our cross bars, we have it at the factory settings which is going to be 22 inches center to center. You can have this on cross bar spreads up to 31 inches, we're going to have to drill the holes into the bed of the cargo box, and you can only go as far as the reinforced area will allow you to. If we we're going to use the other settings or other cross bar spreads with the open holes that you would have, you would cover those up with tape. This box has a nice aerodynamic shape to it which is going to cut down wind noise and drag while you're driving. The u-bolts themselves on the bottom here, they can fit aero, elliptical, square, and even most factory cross bars.

Where we have the box positioned now as you can see, there's plenty of clearance between the box and the hatch so there won't be any problems there either. Now that we've gone over some of the features, let's go ahead and show you how it installs. Before we actually put it onto the roof of the vehicle we want to make sure our clip hook here is attached to the center clamp up at the front to make sure that the lid will stay secure once it's closed. Okay We're ready to lift it onto our vehicle. I would suggest getting an extra set of hands to help you lift this on because at home it might be a little bulky to try to do this by yourself.

We're going to line it up with our pre-drilled holes over our bars then we're going to try to center it as best as I can on the vehicle. This is up to you, you can put it more towards the passenger or driver side depending on which side you're going to be loading it from, but for today I'm going to go ahead and set it in the center. Again, I'm making sure that the wholes line up properly. All right, that looks pretty good. Now we can open it up and start putting on our hardware. While opening the box I would also suggest having an extra set of hands because it can be kind of tricky to try to do that by yourself as well. Just come up from the back, push open the box, lift up on the metal brackets, put them in place like so. This is how these brackets will work. You'll have this ball portion here on the inside, they'll slide through this area here, and then it will rest down here. You'll do this on both sides. We did move the box around a bit when we're were putting the brackets into place, so we'll go ahead and recenter the box and then go get our clamps. With it recentered we'll taker our metal brackets that come with the kit and we'll set them on top of the two holes for the clamps. We'll do this for the driver side first and then the passenger side. Next we'll take our u-bolts, line them up with the holes, push them through our brackets that we just installed. Then we'll take these tightening knobs and put them on inside the actual cargo box itself. Just make sure they're nice and snug, nice and tight. Don't over-tighten them. All right, we'll repeat this for the other brackets as well. With everything tightened down, now we'll go ahead and load it up pushing in from the back. Once you have all you gear loaded up now we can go ahead and shut the box and lock it down. As you shut this you want to make sure this bracket is on the inside of the box. This going to be on both sides. Next we'll go head and close up our latches, bringing up over the lip here, and pushing down. Again before we lock it into place we'll take our included clip hooks and put those just to make sure these clips don't come undone. You're going to do these on all three around the vehicle. Repeat this for the driver side and then we'll go ahead and lock it in place. That's secure, now we're ready to hit the road. There you have it for the Car Top Cargo Rooftop Cargo Box, part number CTC-18S.

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