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Canine Covers Ultimate Dog Bed Review

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Review of the Canine Covers Ultimate Dog Bed

Today well be reviewing the 48x30 Canine Covers Ultimate dog bed part #: DBP4830PC. This large soft bed keeps your pet exceptionally comfortable in the back of your station wagon, minivan or SUV. It can also be used in your home. Cushie egg crib foam padding ensures maximum comfort for your pet. There are padded raised edges along three sides of the bed to cushion your pet. The breathable yet durable auto cover is made of crypto microfiber polyester.

It guards against stains, odors and bacteria with patented superfabric suede finish. The twin zippers allow you to easily remove the padding when you want to clean the bed cover. The outer cover is machine washable for easy cleanup and hang to dry. It is made in the USA and comes with a 90 day limited warranty. Now that we have gone over some features and specs of the Ultimate dog bed well go ahead and show you how to use it in your vehicle.

Well place the dog bed into the cargo area of your vehicle and allow your dog to get comfortable. Now it is recommended to use a harness for your dog to prevent injury to you or your pet. We are using the Rough Rider Roady pet harness part #: RR24040. That completes todays review of the 48x30 Canine Covers Ultimate dog bed part #: DBP4830PC.

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