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Canine Covers Ruff Rider Roadie Pet Harness Review

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Review of the Canine Covers Ruff Rider Roadie Pet Harness

Today well be reviewing the Rough Rider Roady pet harness and vehicle restrain system part #: RR24040. This Roady harness and restrain system offers superb comfort and freedom of movement for your pet. The fully adjustable harness has a tether that anchors to the seat belt or child and anchor. It allows you to use your harness in your vehicles back seat or rear cargo area and that doubles as a leash for pit stops. You have the ability to install the harness feet first or head first, whichever is most comfortable for your pet. Adjustable chest straps and side straps ensure a comfortable yet secure fit for your pet.

The loop, here at the back of the harness keeps the leash bundled up and out of the way when out of use. Leash attaches easily to a built in D-ring on the harness. Now that weve gone over some features and specs of the Roady harness well go ahead and demonstrate how to install it and some of its uses. Well be demonstrating the feet first method on our pet. Well first place the dogs feet in the holes in either side of the X chest strap noticing that the tethered harness is facing away from the dog.

Well pull the Roady over or pets head and noticing that the chest adjustment strap is below the neck. We will then adjust the chest strap as needed. Well then move over to adjust the side strap to make it as comfortable as possible for our pet making sure that the harness is not baggy. Well now load our pet into the cargo area and slip the carabineer through the loop on the Roady. It is recommended to use a clip that is at least 24 KN for extreme safety.

Now, with using the Roady harness in the back seat we can loop the seat belt through the end of the Roady harness and click it in. This will allow the pet to be able to sit up and lie down. And that completes this overview of the Rough Rider Roady pet harness and vehicle restrain system large in size part #: RR24040.