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Camco RV Rain Gutter Spouts with Built-In Extensions Review

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Review of the Camco RV Rain Gutter Spouts with Built-In Extensions

Today we're gonna be taking a look at the Camco RV rain gutter spouts with built in extensions. These are sold in the four pack, so it gives you enough to take care of two gutters, and are available in white or black. Here's what your gutter's gonna look like installed. As you can see, this is gonna give us about three inches of space between the end of the spout and our RV. That's gonna eliminate that black streaking that we have, we generally see running down the side of the RV. This gets it out past any of the awnings or anything like that, that we might have.In the kit you'll have a four pack.

You're gonna have two different sides. You see this one is for our right side, and we're also gonna have a left side. They have two lefts and two rights, so we can accomplish one total gutter system twice. This is what older style gutters kinda look like. You can see very small, doesn't have that extension that comes off.

This is definitely a big upgrade to those. This generally puts the water running right down the side of your RV.Our gutters are made out of polypropylene material, so unlike just regular plastic, these are gonna remain soft and flexible in all different kinds of temperature ranges. Even when it gets cold they're not gonna get real brittle. They're also gonna stand up against UV rays and things like that. Generally, that's the number one killer of our gutters, are those UV rays penetrating it, making it into that powdery, brittle plastic, which eventually breaks off.

Now, all in all the installation process isn't that difficult, and it's gonna give us a lot of protection. Getting that water out, away from the side of our RV, or of our camper, is gonna eliminate a lot of those issues we get with water getting inside and eventually just destroying it.Here, you can see the common problem, we have this all the time. Basically either some ice has come off the room, a branch has come down, but one way or another our gutter here, or at least the extension off the gutter with the downspout has been broken off. You can see over time these are gonna get kinda brittle, and they just generally flake away. To do the installation of your extension, we'll need to remove the caulk.

You can see we got a little bit here, little bit here, and then there's a little bit on the bottom side. We also need to get behind this plastic cover. There's gonna be a screw here, and another one here that we can remove.To get behind that cover I'm gonna use a straight blade, I'm gonna go up and in and then just try to roll that down and out of that, it's in like a little channel there. Flat blade screwdriver should take care of that for you. Maybe have to use two of them like what I'm doing here. You see kind of how that works, we pull the top out, and we can pull that bottom side out. This will go back in fairly easy, so don't worry about pulling out a bunch of it. The edge of the corner here, though, we need to use our screwdriver to get that down and around.One we have that strip out of the way, you'll see we've got two self-tapping screws. One's right there, one's right there. Let's get those popped out of there. You need a quarter inch driver generally. Now we wanna, said before, kinda get rid of that caulk that we've got on top. Generally a razor blade's gonna be our best bet there just to cut a line through it that way and also down through it that way. You can see with that screwdriver I'm able to slide in behind this extrusion. You can see this separated a little bit, just twist our screwdriver generally. Now, anywhere my screwdriver's making contact, I've got it below that caulk line so if we do happen to make a little mark on the camper here, we'll just caulk over it and you won't be able to see it.Once we've got a little bit of a gap here, we're gonna start working the gutter itself off of our gutter rail here. There may a little bit of caulk there you can see. That's the part we'll be taking out. You can see that's the tab that's gonna slide in behind and that's where our gutter should be. Here you'll notice we took a minute, we got all of that old silicone sealant cleaned off there. Now we're gonna take our new gutter. We need to slide that in behind. Let's pull out a little bit if we need to. We wanna get it up as high as we can. There'll be a little bit of an angle down here, of course we want that water to run off. This bottom portion here should be as far up underneath extrusion as we can get it, and that corner, we should have that just about right at the end there.Once that's in place, I'm gonna return my screw furthest away from it first. Then, that'll hold it in place while we get our screw that's gonna go through it as well. Alright, with those screws in that's gonna be nice and secure there. We wanna get our strip work back in. It's really best there to get the bottom in, and then try to push the top down into it. Now, with that in place, you can see we've got our strip back in there, those corners are really the toughest part, but you'll be able to get them tucked in. At that point, it's time just to get our silicone back out here and get everything resealed. That's gonna complete our look at the Camco RV rain gutter spouts with built in extensions.

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