Camco Power Grip Generator Adapter Review

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Review of the Camco Power Grip Generator Adapter

Today we'll be doing a review of the Camco Power Grip Generator Adapter for RV power cord in a 125 volt, 50 amp 3 prong twist lock with a 12 inch long cord, part numberCAM55412.This here is a 30 amp generator, 3 prong, twist lock style plug.It's got a bent piece here. The extra tabs, that's what locks it in place. It's designed this way so you can only put it in a 30 amp file, 125volt plug. The other end here, is set up for a 50 amp RV style plug, where you would take your RV cord off your motor home camper and you would plug it in this way, with the male end would go into this end. It has a handle here. Make sure you can pull it back out easily.

Other than that, it's just a quick, simple converter, basically, to take it from a 30 amp generator style plug to your 50 amp style RV plug. Now we're here at our generator. This, right here, is our 30 amp plug that we'll be plugging into. You can see here how this one has a notch, which lines up with this. Then, there's different lengths or sizes of plug to give you the same difference.So we'll simply, to put it in, line up those two and you twist it slightly.

As you can see you can't pull it back out,so it'slocked into place. So now you have your 30 amp generator style plug locked in, you have down to our, or actually up, to our 50 amp RV style plug. This right here is our 50 amp line coming off of our RV motorhome. It's a male end and it'll simply just plug in. Now you have connection to your 50 amp line coming off your motor homeRV camper.

But you must remember you still are limitedby what this outlet coming out of the generator actually is, which is only a 30 amp. So even though your RV may want to have 50 amps going to it, it will be limited and you will be limited on power, to what your generator puts out and what this plug puts out, which is 30 amps. Now by the plug being a twist lock design, when you put the plug in, and twist it, and then lock in place, when your generator is running and yougeta little bit of movement on it, it doesn't allow it to loosen up and come out of the plug. So the next time you need to connect your 50 amp RV style plug, off of your RV, motorhomeorcamper, CAMCOhas a solution,with the power grip generator adapterfor RV power cords.At 125 volt, 50 amps with a 3 prong twist lock in a 12 inch long design, part number CAM55412. .

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