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Camco Telescoping Flagpole with Car-Foot Base Review

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Review of the Camco Telescoping Flagpole with Car-Foot Base

Today we'll be taking a look at the Camco Telescoping Flag Pole, part number CAM51605. Show your patriotism at the campsite or at home with the Camco Telescoping Flag Pole. It comes with an American flag, but it's perfect for any collegiate, sports, or any other flag you might have. It's held in place with the weight of your RV, truck, or car. The anodized aluminum pole is rust proof. When fully extended, it reaches 20 feet high. It collapses down to about 5 feet for easy storage in the included bag.

It automatically adjusts to fit any size flag. Now that we've gone over the features, I'll go ahead and show you how to get it set up. First thing we want to grab is our anchor plate, and we want to set it in position to where we can drive over it, and I'll set it in place. Now, I don't want to push it all the way because we of course want to leave enough room for our pole to come up, and just in case it gets a little windy, I'm going to have some space between the pole and my RV, so I'll get it just enough to where you can back up on it and stop. Now, we can take it out of our included storage case and set it up. We got a zippered end here, and I'm just going to pull it off. Now, the next piece we're going to be looking for is the collar here.

It's got some threads on it. It's actually going to thread down into the anchor plate. Now, it's very easy. Just get it lined up, and it should thread right down through. If it stops, that means you've got the threads crossed, so just try it again.

It should be fairly easy to get down into the anchor plate. We'll go all the way down until it hits the bottom just like that. Now, we'll take our flag pole and set it in place. I'm just going to line it up at the top and push it all the way down. Now, when it comes to connecting our flag, we've got a few different setups here. We can fly 1 flag or 2 flags or 1 flag at half mast.

What we're going to do is we'll take our flag. Then, we'll attach it to the grommet, and then we'll attach the bottom grommet the same way. We'll make sure it closes up. Now, along our telescoping flag pole here, we've got these holes that are going to line up with detents as we raise it up, so along the way we just want to make sure that those clip into place. We can start with our first one here, just going to raise it up. You can see our hole here. We'll raise it all the way up, and then we're just going to simple twist it and find that detent. As you can see it just popped right in just like that. There's also a faint arrow here. You might be able to see it, but it's going to line up directly with that hole when the detent is aligned with it as well, so bring it around until it snaps in place. Now, we can just continue telescoping it up. If you had a second flag, this would be a good time to go ahead and attach it. Check it out, 20 feet. Now, if you don't want to go up 20 feet, you don't have to. You can stop at any one of the detents along the way. Now, it does come with provisions to install it permanently into the ground. You will need some concrete. The instructions are detailed on how to do that. That's going to complete our look at the Camco Telescoping Flag Pole, part number CAM51605.

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