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Buyers Products Revolving Halogen Warning Light Review

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Review of a Buyers Products Revolving Halogen Warning Light

Hey, everyone, It's Colin here at Today, we're going to take a look at Buyers Products Revolving Halogen Light Bar. Now this is a light bar that mounts to the roof of your vehicle. Some common uses for it might be plow trucks, landscape trucks, or even if you're the lead or follow in a wide load situation, you can use it for that too. It has a temporary mount using two very strong magnets. Now it has two clear at Halogen lights with an amber housing.

Their rotation gives you 520 flashes per minute, and as you can see, it's just a bright light so people are gonna know that you are currently doing something and to not get too close.Now, like I said, it's going to use magnets to mount to the roof of your vehicle. It makes it very portable so you don't have to keep it up there if you're not using it. I would actually suggest taking it off when it's not in use. Go ahead and show you real quick. It's got very strong magnetic as you can see right there in the corners.

It does have these protective film patches on the magnets to make sure there's no harm to the finish of your paint, I'm going to put it on, you can see it goes right on and it's very stable, so it's gonna hold up to any high impacts or high winds.And it's going to have a 10 foot power cord so you're gonna have plenty of length to be able to mount it on your roof and still access your 12 volt accessory outlet, which is how it's going to draw its power. Once we plug it in to our outlet, we're going to have a switch on there that has a little red dot right there. Once you push the switch and it's going to light up, which tells you that the light is currently operating and you flip the switch, the light goes off and that means your light is turned off.Now a couple of things I really like about this light. One being it's very bright and this is something you want out of a warning light to make sure people can see you. The second being that 360 degree rotation is very hard to miss.

You can see it shoots the light all around 360 degrees, so you just really can't miss it. The third being it's very portable. I personally don't like having stuff permanently attached to my roof, so I like knowing that I can take it off when I'm done with it.Thank you all for watching. This is going to do it for our look at the Buyer's Products Revolving Halogen Light.

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