Buyers Products Over-The-Cab Truck Bed Ladder Rack Review

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Review of the Buyers Products Over-The-Cab Truck Bed Ladder Rack

Hey check out this Buyers Products Over-The-Cab Truck Bed Ladder Rack. Now this over-the-cab truck bed ladder rack is also available in black. See is designed to work with your long bed or short bed, full size pick up trucks. It's gonna allow us to carry anything elongated or anything that extends over-the-cab of our truck. I've got a ladder, some lumber, and some rails for an awning. All in all, freeing up space inside of our truck bed for more tools or gear.As you can see, my truck bed is filled with tools and gear.

Anybody that's ever carried around a ladder and a long bed or short bed truck, knows that it extends out past the tailgate, making it unsafe. Since the ladder is one of the longest tools or largest tools we'll be carrying, it usually goes in first and then the rest of our gear piles on top of it, making it hard to access when we get to that job.So since the ladder is usually one of the first things you need on the job site, with the ladder rack, we can make it easy accessible by carrying it on top of our truck bed and over our cab.Now the ladder rack sits about 29" from the top of the truck bed rail, so it's gonna clear most truck cabs. If you're unsure, just measure up 29" and make sure it clears at least that cab.Now if you want to know how long it is, or how long its going to extend over your cab, it's 134", which is 11 foot, two inches. Now it measures about 76 3/8" wide. That's just over six foot.

Now the nice thing is, it's pretty much going to match the width of our truck bed, maybe a little bit more, depending on your truck.The other nice thing is we don't have to worry about extending out past our truck, so it's not going to take up any more room that our truck already takes up.Now the overall height is about 35" so you want to keep this in mind when you're trying to park in your garage, a parking garage, or even going through a drive-thru.Like most over-the-cab ladder racks, they're gonna offer raised side rails. These are going to prevent your cargo from sliding off. These are about 7" high from the top of the rail. They also make great anchors for securing your cargo. That way you can use a bungee cord, a buckle strap, or a ratchet strap.

It also makes for a great handle when stepping up.Moving on to the rails, it includes six adjustable load stops. These are going to help contain your cargo and prevent it from shifting side to side. Now what's nice about these is they use a knob on bottom to help lock them in position. Other ladder racks feature load stops but instead of a knob to lock them in, you need a bolt which means you need a wrench to help you. The knob makes it much easier.Now these also double as a tie down loop.

You can see, you can get any type of strap through there and tie it down. Now you do have to provide your own straps. You can find some right here at the rails themselves are triangular shaped with rounded corners, which means they're gonna be aerodynamic. Now these are gonna be a little bit quieter than your round or square bar design.Now because of that shape, it may make it a little bit easier to load and unload your cargo.Now the whole ladder rack is made out of aluminum. A lot of people when they hear aluminum, they think it's weak. It's not very strong, but this offers us an 800 pound weight capacity.It's also strong and durable. You can see I'm shaking the whole truck bed there and it's not flexing. It's not going anywhere. Now since it is aluminum, we don't have to worry about any rust or corrosion. The hardware is stainless steel, so again, no rust or corrosion.When it comes to installing this on your truck bed, there is some assembly required. You do have to provide your own tools and it could take a few hours. The nice thing is there's no drilling required, so we don't have to worry about tearing up our truck.Now since it does use stainless steel hardware, I do recommend picking up some Loctite anti-seize. This is going to prevent that hardware from bounding up.Now when it comes to attaching it to your truck, like most ladder racks, it uses these J style bolts. Now the J style hook bolts are the only thing that aren't stainless steel but you still need to use the anti-seize because the nut is stainless steel and it will still get bound up. But anyway, it just connects to the underside of our truck bed rail, comes up through the upright, make sure it's good and tight underneath there. Put on our flat washer, then our lock washer, then we can hand tighten that nut. Once it gets hand tightened, you can grab your wrench and tighten it up the rest of the way.It's just an 18 millimeter wrench or socket. Give it a good shake. As long as it's nice and tight, you're all set.Now with this type of ladder rack, you won't be able to use a Tonneau cover because of the way that it attaches to the inside of the rails.When it's all said and done, this ladder rack is not just for hard workers. You can throw some fun in there too. It's great for paddle boards, kayaks, surf skis, or any other elongated water sports you can think of.But with that being said, that's gonna complete our look at the Buyer's Products Over-The-Cab Truck Bed Ladder Rack.

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