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Review of the Buyers Products Truck Bed Ladder Rack

Colin: Hey, everyone. I'm Colin here at etrailer. Today, we're going to take a look at the Truck Bed Ladder Rack from Buyers Products.This ladder rack mounts to the bed rails of your truck bed. It's going to allow you to get those elongated loads up above the bed of your truck. You see we have some lumber, even a ladder up there right now. It's going to create more space on the inside of your bed for other tools, equipment, stuff like that.

We've got generators, luggage, coolers, and even that 55 gallon trash can for whatever uses we might need those for. It will also help prevent you from having to stow any of the tools inside the cab of your truck from the space being taken up from the ladders.This ladder rack is going to be very heavy duty. It's going to do a great job of hauling your equipment down the road. I do want to point out, however, if you have any type of long pieces of lumber or big extension ladders that are going to go five or six feet above the cab of your truck, you may want to look into an Over-the-Cab Truck Bed Rack. Buyers Products makes a few of those that we do sell here at etrailer.Even though ladder racks are more commonly used for long items in construction, whether it's a ladder or lumber or even some piping, you can still use it for recreational purposes.

We have a kayak up here, but if you have a paddleboard, that will work as well. We have the load stops in use. We have a strap down. It will ride nicely to our destination. It's also going to free up space in the bed for all of our luggage, making sure it doesn't clutter up the cab of the truck.It's going to have a very durable aluminum construction with a black powder-coat finish, which is going to help resist rust and corrosion.

That aluminum construction is going to make it very lightweight compared to a lot of other steel racks, and it's got the added bonus of still being very heavy duty with an 800-pound weight capacity, which is going to be more than enough to get your elongated loads up top and secure.Each leg is going to be attached using these J-hooks. It's going to make contact under the bed rail right here with a flat plate. Then it comes out and under and up through the bracket right there. Using the included hardware, we add a bolt with a flat washer and a lock washer. Once you tighten all of those down, it's going to be very secure.

And all of the hardware included with your ladder rack is going to be zinc coated, so that's going to help resist rush and corrosion.Each crossbar is going to have two load stops. These are going to be pretty handy for bumping them up against your cargo. That's just going to make sure they don't slide off the side. Then you can just focus your straps on securing them down onto the crossbars. They're very easy to use. You just loosen up this hand knob on the bottom side of the sleeve. You can adjust it wherever your load happens to be sitting. It will be able to adjust within the inside of the upright post right here. Once you get it bumped up against your load, you just tighten it back down. Then it's going to make sure that your load does not shift to the side.To the top of each load stop, it's going to be 34-1/4" added on to the top of your truck bed. With most cases, it is going to go above the height of the cab of your truck. That's something you want to be aware of for trying to pull in your garage or any other low-clearance situation.Each crossbar is going to have a triangular design to it. It's going to be great for aerodynamics, going to help cut down on wind noise and drag. It will also be good for loading your materials. You can use this as a ramp. You can just set your elongated loads on top of it and then just slide it right up the crossbar and then onto the top one.Now overall, this ladder rack is going to be a great option for you. It's going to be more base or entry level but it's not going to sacrifice on that strength or durability. So it's still going to be a great ladder rack that gets the job done.Now that I've gone over some of those features, let's show you guys how to get it installed. We have the front crossbar already installed. The rear one is going to assemble and install the exact same way. We're first going to get the legs loosely assembled on our crossbar. Easiest way to do that is to get it on a solid surface. You see we have it on our truck bed right now. Then I'm going to take my leg and get it over these already assembled bolts. We're going to have two slots on the bracket of our leg for it to go through. Just line it up correctly on both sides. Then what I'm going to do is hold it there, and then with the included hardware I'm going to put a flat washer on, then a lock washer, and then a lock nut. And again, I'm just going to get this loosely installed with my hands and leave it there. We'll do the same for the other side. And then just switch sides and repeat this process.Once you have your rack loosely assembled, we can get it installed on our side rails. It's going to get picked up. When installing on your side rails, when it comes to the rear, you want to make sure that the base of the foot is pointing towards the cab and that you get this upright post as far back to the corner of the truck bed as you can. The reason we left it loosely installed is so we could adjust it. Just make sure you adjust it so that it's flush against your side rails. You also want to check underneath your bed rails to make sure that there's no obstructions for your J-hooks to be installed properly. So we're actually going to scoot it over just a little bit, make sure there's a flat surface on both sides.If you want to double-check and make sure that your feet on your bed rail are going to be even on both sides, you can pick a spot to measure from. We're going to go from the stake pocket right here. We're just going to measure. Looks like we've got 4-3/4". We'll just to go to the other side and make sure it's the same.Now we can start getting our J-hooks installed. You can see that flat part I was talking about, needs to be flush with the bottom side. We'll just bring it up and through, make sure we get it placed correctly. Then up top, we're going to go flat washer, lock washer and then the nut. We'll get it tightened down as far as we can with our fingers. And then repeat this process for the other three hooks.Now we can go around and get all of our hardware tightened down. We're going to start at the bottom with our J-hooks. You do want to make sure you hold it flush to the side rail. We have an 18 mm socket. We'll just tighten it down. Now just for safety, they do include these rubber caps to put on top of your U-bolts, just in case you we're to be working in your truck bed, you won't scratch your arm on it if you rub by it. So we'll just put those on, as well. Once you're done down there, we can come up top and tighten down our crossbars. You do want to make sure that they are flush, and we'll just get them tightened down. There's no need to overtighten it, just get it pretty snug.Our last step is going to be to get our load stops installed. You want to make sure when you install them that the flat part of your load stop is facing the inside of the truck bed. So we'll just get that first one installed with that bolt through the bracket and load stop. We'll do that for both of them. Then we'll put lock nuts on both sides. Then we'll get our other load stop in place, as well. Now we're going to grab two 13 mm sockets and get it all tightened down. Now when nothing is loaded, you can just kind of pick a spot where you want it, and make sure you tighten it down. I'm just going to bring it all the way to the outside and then tighten down the knob underneath for travel.Once you have everything tightened down, you're ready to get your ladder rack loaded and then hit the road.

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Ted F.

I like this ladder rack, and could see using it for hauling a couple of kayaks. I would like to use a rack, like this, to attach to a small utility trailer, rather than a truck. I have a 4'x6' utility trailer, with an extended tongue to accommodate 10-12' kayaks. I'd like to bolt the racks to my trailer's angle iron sides, rather than use J hooks. Would this rack work, or do you have suggestions for other racks that would work better? I'd like to stay around this price point, maybe less. Thanks for your help in advance. 79230

Reply from Chris R.

It would definitely take some modifications, but I suppose you could bolt the Buyers Products Ladder Rack # 3371501680 to the angle iron on your utility trailer. Another option that's kind of more designed for this type of application is the Malone # MPG493 . Take a look at the demonstration video linked below to see if this is more in-line with what you're picturing. 64058

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