Buyers Products Over-The-Cab Truck Bed Ladder Rack Review

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Review of the Buyers Products Over-The-Cab Truck Bed Ladder Rack

Hey guys, today we're going to be checking out the buyer's products, over the cab, truck bed, ladder rack. Now this ladder rack is going to allow us to carry those elongated items up and out of the way. You can see I've got it in place here. It's going to be great for those long ladders, lumber, PVC, really, anything that may be unsafe or that we don't want hanging out in the back of our truck.It's also going to help us free up space inside of our truck bed for more gear. Most of the time when we have to carry our ladders back in the bed here, since they're so long, they go in first and then most of the gear piles up on top of them. This way we can keep them above for more room and they're going to be easier to access.Now I've worked with a lot of ladder racks here at, they're all about the same.

However, some of them are made out of steel, like this one here, and some are made out of aluminum. The aluminum ones are going to be very rust and corrosion resistant. They're also going to be very lightweight and easy to set in place over your truck bed, but they generally don't have as high of a weight capacity.This steel one, here, offers a 1000 pound weight capacity, so you're going to be able to carry a lot more. It's also very heavy. It's going to take four guys, at least, to set it in place on your truck bed.

Now when it comes to being rust and corrosion resistant, it does feature a black powder coat finish, but if you're concerned about scratches or chips in the paint, you can pick up some clear coat or some spray paint. But again, just remember it's a ladder rack. It's going to take some abuse.Like most over the cab ladder racks, it features raised side rails. This is going to prevent our gear from sliding off the side. These are about four and a half inches high and they also double as tie down points.

So as you can see, that raised side rail pretty much extends the whole length of the ladder rack, so you can rest assure your gears going to stay on it during transport.At the end of the day, it's not just for the job site. You can also use it for water sports. I've got a paddle board and a surfboard up there. You could also put a kayak or even a surf ski. Now the whole thing measures about 12 foot long, so you're really going to be able to carry those extra long items.

And it sits about 29 inches, up from the top of the rail to the underside of the bar. So it will work with most trucks.If you're concerned about this, just take a quick measurement from the top of the rail to the top of the cab and make sure you've got enough clearance. Now with that being said, it's going to work with most full size trucks, whether you've got a five and a half foot, six and a half foot or eight foot bed.When assembling those front uprights, it can pretty much be placed anywhere from here, up to here. That way it will work with most of those truck bed lengths. Since we're talking about the uprights, I'd like to point out that they each feature tie down points. We've got some located here at the top and one here in the center. Now they're going to work with a wide variety of straps whether you're using a hook, a cam buckle strap or even rope.Now the ladder rack has a tubular design. This could make it a little bit easier to load and unload your gear. I'm going to go ahead and give it a shot here with my ladder. Because it's rounded, it'll make it a little bit easier to pull that stuff off. You can see here at the back, how it just kind of rolls off. The only problem I have with it, is it could have a tendency to shift to one side of the other as we're taking it off. You can see that now.On a positive note, because it's rounded, it's going to be more aerodynamic, there's going to be less wind resistance. So it may make less noise than some of the others out there, but like all ladder racks, they make noise unless they're carrying a load, so just keep that in mind.It features four cross bars to help support your load. We've got two in the center and then one on each end. The one in the rear is removable. This way you don't have to duck underneath of it, if you find yourself getting in and out of the truck bed. You'll simply remove the pin and clip on each side, push out on the side rails, and then it easily comes out.Since we're here at the back of a truck, I'd like to point out that the side rail actually extends out a little bit. You can see here how it kind of circles around. It acts as a good handle when you need to climb up the back of your truck.Now, it's a no drill installation. Like most ladder racks, it uses a J style hook that goes up underneath your truck bed side rail and then up through the mounting location, here. Now you'll notice it has various holes on the side and on top. This is going to be for a more permanent installation. You have that option with the pre drilled holes. Those will, however, require drilling through your truck bed side rail and you'll have to provide your own hardware.But when it comes to installing the hook, again very easy. Push it up underneath, put on a flat washer, then a lock washer and then that nut. What I like to do is get them all installed, loosely and then tighten them down with my wrench. And there's no reason to over tighten, just get it nice and snug until that lock washer flattens out. Once you got it nice and tight, it includes a rubber cap. That way this doesn't get hooked or snagged on anything.Now it offers us about 52 inches of usable space up top, here. Down below, it varies. That's because it works with multiple full size truck beds. One thing we do not have to worry about though, is it extending out past our truck bed. So it's not going to take up any more room than our truck bed width already does. And that's going to complete our look at the buyer's products, over the cab, truck bed, ladder rack.

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