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Buyers Products Trailer Wiring Junction Box Review

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Review of a Buyers Products Trailer Wiring Junction Box

Shane: Hi, I'm Shane with Today, we're going to be going over the junction box for trailer wiring. This box is going to be a polypropylene box, very durable plastic. It's made to be mounted on the frame of your trailer. And what this does, this allows you to wire your 7-pole plug separate from your trailer wiring. So, say we have our 7-pole wiring, it comes loose, drags the ground, or gets damaged.

We're not going to have to cut it off of our wiring coming from our trailer in order to replace the plug. We can simply take it off of the pegs here, replace our plug, and add new ring terminals, stick it right back in the box and connect it directly to our wiring.And with a trailer this size, or larger trailers, if you maybe want to add a breakaway switch, it's very easy to run that wire over and connect it directly on to the brake wire coming off the 7-pole plug, without having to cut the wire coming out of there and splice them together. Depending on how your trailer is set up and how your 7-pole plug wiring is done, it's going to have to be tested. Your box is going to come with a sheet inside, it's going to look like this, on how it has to be set up.However, this is not always accurate with the plug itself. If you have the 7-pole plug, it may be wired just a little bit different than this.

Trailer wiring needs to match whatever the functions are coming off of your 7-pole plug coming from the vehicle. You're going to have a power wire coming in. You're also going to have ground. The ground coming off the center post needs to be grounded to the frame. So you're not only grounding the 7-pole plug, but you're also grounding this setup here on the box.The box is going to come with five rubber knockouts.

You can either cut these or they will also come with another set that already has a hole already open. I, myself, just like to cut an X in it and run my wires through it, it kind of helps it seal a little bit better. These will seal underneath the lid. Each place that your wire comes in, you're also going to have a metal clamp with two screws, and that's to hold your wiring in place to keep it from coming out. The lid you can see here, it's got a groove, and what that does is it seals around this edge to keep any water or anything like that out.It's going to come with two large screws to hold your lid in place.

Again, I'm Shane with That's going to do it for our look at the trailer wiring junction box..



I have an older 6-way fused junction box on my enclosed trailer. The fuse block itself is rusted so I need to replace it. This enclosed trailer also has a hot wire running to a trailer braking cutaway box (if that makes sense. I don't know the proper terms so I apologize). This 6-way pin plug then uses a regular seven pin adapter to the trailer plug on the trailer. Will this box work for my application? I am not sure if this trailer has backup lights on it. It has standard turn signal lights, marker lights, and the brake breakaway box. Thank you

Etrailer Expert

Victoria B.


This junction box will work for your trailer, you will just no longer have the fuses located at the junction box. As long as your trailer is not set up in some special way that would require those fuses, this should not be an issue. Trailers do not traditionally have fused junction boxes.

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