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Buyers Products RV and Camper Universal Receiver Hitch Review

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Review of the Buyers Products RV and Camper Universal Receiver Hitch

Randy: Hey guys. Randy here at Today we're taking a look at the Buyers bumper mount receiver tube head. Now this is going to be a really good way to tow a small trailer. Maybe you've got some dirt bikes, a small boat or something like that you want to get along with you. It's also going to come in really handy for accessories.

You can a bike rack in here. You can put a cargo carrier in here and use it to haul some extra stuff.Maybe you don't want your generator sitting inside so we're able to get that out. Now it has a two inch by two inch receiver tube opening. That will make in compatible with Class 3 ball mount, bike racks or cargo carriers, whatever you want to put in there. To secure those in place we're going to use a 5/8th diameter pinhole here on the outside.

That's pretty standard pin size. Most Class 3 accessories will have either an anti-rattle bolt that will work with that will use just a standard 5/8th pin and clip.On the back of your travel trailer, speaking of anti-rattle devices, I think it would be a good idea whether you're using a bike rack or a cargo carrier or even a ball mount, to pick up and anti-rattle device which will work with whichever accessory you've got. It's going to eliminate any play or any movement back here which I think will lead to a better user experience with it. Now if you do intend on towing a trailer you can see we also have safety chain connection points down here on the bottom.It's just a round steel stock style. There's a good amount of room there so even larger chains you shouldn't have issue getting connected.

Attaching the hitch to the bumper is going to be a really easy, straight-forward process. You want to ensure you have a four inch by four inch bumper and you want to make sure that that is completely solid all the way around. That means it's fully welded. We'll then use our U-bolts. They're going to come down around ...

the U-bolts, the nylon lock nuts and washers are all clear zinc-coated so we're not going to have to worry about rust.We're not going to have to worry about corrosion and the lock nuts will keep everything on there nice and tight. As far as weight ratings go, the hitch gives us a 350 pound tongue weight rating so that's the maximum downward force we can put on our receiver tube opening. And it's going to give us a 3,500 pound gross trailer weight rating, so the total weight of our trailer and anything we we're going to load up on it. You do need to confirm the weight rating on your bumper though and if it's lower than either of those two numbers don't exceed it.Now when we compare the receiver tube hitch from Buyers compared to some of the other ones that are available for trailers like this, this is kind of giving us that good middle ground between the group of them. This is rated for accessory and towing use so it has some adaptability. Some of the other ones that you'll see, there's one from Swagman. It's rated for just accessories, not rated for use with towing so that's a good choice if you don't ever intend to tow with it. And then if you want to get into more serious or more heavy towing or maybe your bumper isn't rated for the capacity that you want to haul, we do have frame-mounted RV hitches or camper trailer hitches.So basically it's going to be more of a traditional hitch with a cross tube. You have adjustable side plates. You'll bring those out to your frame. Generally you're going to have to drill some holes to attach it or maybe have somebody weld it on there for you and then that sets your cross tube. It will sit under here very similar to this but it will be more traditional. Those generally have a little bit higher weight capacity than a bumper mount. Now to begin our installation we're going to be centering our hitch right on our rear bumper and if you're going to be using it to tow a trailer that's highly recommended.You want that trailer to sit directly in and behind our other one. Now if you're going to be using this for recreational items, maybe a cargo carrier, a bike rack. You're going to pack the generator along. You want to get the kid's bikes along. We can offset this to one side. The thing I would keep in mind with doing that though, is make sure you know how wide your items are. I really wouldn't want the bikes hanging out much past the side of the trailer. I wouldn't want my cargo carrier hanging out beside the trailer so just something to keep in mind there.Once we've picked our location we're going to place our U-bolts around our bumper. We can bring our hitch up and on. Then on to each side of that U-bolt we want to place on a flat washer and we also have nylon lock nuts. Now we're going to use or 19 millimeter or 3/4 inch socket and what I want to do is just get the slack out of these bolts. So we'll take that slack out, make sure we've got it positioned where we want it. Now we'll just get them torqued down. And that's going to compete our look at the Buyers bumper mount hitch.

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