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Buyers Products Kabgard Headache Rack Review

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Review of the Buyers Products Kabgard Headache Rack

Today we're gonna be taking a look at Buyers Kabgard Headache Rack. One is 69 inches wide by 23.5 inches tall, and the other is 71.5 inches wide by about 26.5 inches tall.This headache rack is gonna protect you and your truck from any of your cargo coming through your window. We've got ours loaded up now with some pallets. Now we always recommend that you tie down your cargo, but just in case you couldn't in that situation we're gonna show you what it's like.As you can see we had a few panic stops, but everything with our truck and us in the cab are A-okay.It's designed to protect the back of your cab and your window from anything bashing into it and causing any damage. And it does this with the use of its 2-inch tubular steel. This is some strong stuff, and it's got a nice black powder coat finish on it to ensure that it lasts a long time.To ensure it covers the entire width of your cab, it has those varying sizes, and it has these out-shoots to make sure that there's no spot unprotected.Another nice feature it has over some headache racks is that it still works with all of your accessories.

Our toolbox fit right back in, no problem. Buyers even makes products that are designed to mount right onto this headache rack, from light bars, cab lights and beacon lights, they're ready to go and mount up.In most cases it extends above the cab of your truck, so you can use it for extra storage, with over-the-cab mounts, or use it with ladder racks or anything else. Additionally, the wide-slotted design provides plenty of tie-down points so you have more ways to keep your cargo safe and secure.It's a simple no-drill installation that uses your vehicle's stake pockets, and comes with all the hardware you need to get it mounted in that stake pocket. All you'll need's a 3/4-inch wrench inaudible 00:01:54 socket to get that hardware tightened down.The stake pocket brackets are a universal design that has several holes located in it. You'll match this up with whichever one lines up with your stake pocket.

There are nut bracket plates that attach to this. Here we've got the offset bracket. There's also a straight one, where it is straight like this on both sides. That's what we're using on our truck. Simply bolt those up, mash the foam pad in between them to keep it from causing any scratches or abrasions on your truck, and you're ready to go.Customers on our website compare this to Maxxtow's headache rack.

Our Maxxtow here is gonna be more adjustable, due to its width adjustments, as well as be taller overall, with 28.5 inches. Our Buyers tops out at 26.5 inches. But I will say I work with both, and the Buyers does feel a little sturdier with its thicker steel crossbeams, whereas the Maxxtow's gonna have the wire mesh to better protect it against smaller objects that you may be hauling.And that completes our look at Buyers Kabgard Headache Rack.

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