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Buyers Products 24-LED Mini Light Bar Review

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Review of the Buyers Products 24-LED Mini Light Bar

Colin: Hey, everyone. It's Colin here at etrailer. We're going to take a look at the Mini Light Bar from Buyers Products. And this is an amber and clear mini light bar. It's going to have 24 LED lights on it. Some common uses for it may be, if you're a towing vehicle, you could be as snow plower, landscaper.

Really just anytime you just want to be visible and warn people that you are either working or they need to get around you and just watch out, it's going to be a good option.It is going to have the one random flash pattern and the 24 LEDs are going to be a nice upgrade when compared to incandescents. The LEDs are just going to burn a lot brighter. They're going to be more efficient when they're operating, so it's not going to drain your battery as fast and they're also just going to last a lot longer.With our overhead lights on, we can have a closer look at the light while it's turned off. You can see the clear housing around really gets a good look at the 24 LED diodes around the light. It's going to have a black housing on top, giving it a nice sleek look.

When mounting it to your roof, it is going to be a magnetic mount, so we pull it off our roof with those strong magnets. You can see the bottom right here. It is going to have a very nice rubber casing around the magnets. It's going to help make sure they don't harm or scratch the finish of your vehicle when you're using it. It's got very strong hold.

It's very hard to move it around unless you're trying to take it right up and off. So you're going to be fine to take this on the highway speeds, it's not really going to be affected.We're going to have a 15 foot power cord on our light bar, which means virtually wherever we want to mount it on our vehicle, as long as you got that 12 volt outlet, which is what it uses, you're going to be able to plug it in. So we have ours running down the passenger side. That's just for safety reasons. We don't want it getting tangled up on our steering wheel or falling down to our feet when we're operating our pedals.When you find your 12 volt outlet and just go ahead and plug that in, there's going to be a switch on your plug and when we flip that, you can see it lights up letting us know our light is on.

When you flip it the other way, it's going to turn the light off.So overall, this light bar is going to be a very great option. A couple of things that really stick out to me are that one, the LEDs are just going to be very bright. You can see even with our overhead lights on, it's going to be very visible. Now I also like the magnetic mount that it comes with. Personally. I just want to be able to remove it from my roof when I'm not using it and it's small enough to where I can just stow it under my seat. If you've got a bigger glove box, you can throw it in there. Really wherever is convenient.Thank you all for watching. That's going to do it for our look at the Mini Light Bar from Buyer's Products.

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