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Buyers Products 17 inch Long Quick Ties Review

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Review of the Buyers Products 17 inch Long Quick Ties

Adam: Hi, everyone. Adam with Today, we're going to be taking a look at Buyer's Product Quick Ties and this is going to be a 17 inch long foam tie with the nice steel construction on the inside. As you can see, you can bend these every which way to do basically whatever you really need. I have a couple of chords I wanted to organize so I can roll them up and hang them from my hooks here. On top of that, I do even have a water cooler that I tied together, so that I can go ahead and just hang that as well.

There's a lot of different applications that you can use these for, we're going to go through a couple of those today. So we plan on doing some painting around the house, something I thought of was just a hang your paint cans just so you don't have to go up and down this ladder as often.Another useful application is for your bike racks that don't have an anti-sway cradle or nothing to fasten down this front wheel. I do a pretty loose front fork, and it's going to be slapping around while I'm driving down the road. On top of that, with no anti-sway cradle we're going to have a lot of movements. So to protect my bikes, along with this foam, we're going to be able to tie two of these together on our bike rack here and we can wrap it around just to take some of that movement out when we're going down the road.

So now as you can see, there's not hardly any sway that's going on, but we still have a lot of movement here. So what else I'm going to use it for, just grab one of these, tilt it like so and just tie these two together. And these are going to be able to work with your car and fiber bikes as they are foam and will not scratch or damage your bike.So as you can see, it's not going to be able to travel as much, so we won't have much contact with our vehicle like we we're if we didn't have these installed. So a lot of the times when I'm driving around with a lot of stuff in the bed of my truck, it does a lot of shifting when I'm going down the road. As you can see, especially with this drop in bedliner this thing's going to slide pretty easily and there's nothing in it, so even with more weight in it, it's going to do even more moving.

So what we want to do is tie this down just so we're not going to have that problem anymore. I'm going to end up just tying two together, put it through here and then secure those down. Loop it through, and tie her down.Now we won't have any type of movement in our truck, which is going to be nice just so you don't want this to fall over and all that ice just spent money on goes all over bed, and then everything's wet, this is going to help you just eliminate that problem all together. So you can use these quick ties on so many different applications, we've shown you a couple today and here's another one. Honestly, a lot of the times when I'm riding down in the trails, sometimes I see a cool spot in the woods I want to go explore and I'm always very weary to leave my bike just sitting there.So with these quick dies, you can get your bike cable with you without even being able to tell it's really there and then you're going to be able to lock your bike on a tree or whatever, so you can go out in the woods and explore.

These are a cool little concept compared to your other type of quick ties, but there's many different applications and let us know what you use them for. Be sure to share it on the website and I appreciate you for watching our look at the Buyer's Products Quick Ties.

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