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Buyers Products 24-LED Portable Beacon Light Review

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Review of the Buyers Products 24-LED Portable Beacon Light

Colin: Hey, everyone. I'm Colin here at Today, we're going to take a quick look at Buyers Products Portable Beacon Light. Now, this is an amber LED warning light. It comes in handy for times where you might be working, such as doing plow jobs on the side when there's a lot of snow. You can let people know that you're currently working and to keep their distance.

If you're the lead or the follow in a wide load situation, you're going to be able to just stick it right on top of your car. Or even in roadside situations where it might be nighttime, you pull over on the side of the road to change a tire. You can throw this on top of your car just to let people know that you're there.Now, what's nice is that's its very small. It's going to be very easy to store, going to add to that portability of it. We've got four magnets on the bottom side that do have stickers on it.

So if you want to stick it to your vehicle it's not going to harm the finish of it because the stickers will be protecting your vehicle from the magnet itself. Just for an example, put it on the side of our truck like that. You see it's got a good, strong hold. We also are going to have this red on/off switch to power it. Once you turn it on, you're going to see it flashes twice and then pauses for a second.

It's going to continuously do that until it runs out of batteries.That being said, we have two D batteries that it runs off of. So you're not going to worry about having a power source to plug it into. You're just going to have the two batteries. These are not included so you will have to provide yourself with some. The lid's also going to have this nice O-ring which is red and it goes all the way around.

It's a nice weather proofing thing. It's going to make sure water and other debris can't get inside. Now, a really cool feature about this light is that we actually have a switch we can turn to make the beacon light run off of the sensor light. So once we turn that on and we turn our light on, it's actually not going to flash. But as soon as we turn the studio lights off, you're going to see it starts flashing. Then, when we turn them back on, then it'll stop.Just to speak to how portable it is, you can store it in your vehicle very easily. You can include it in your glove box. You can put it under your seat or even under your center console of your truck. Just pull it out. We'll just turn it on when we need it, and we can stick it on our vehicle. Thank you all for watching. That's going to do it for our look at Buyers Products Portable Beacon Light.

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