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Buyers Products Incandescent Strobe Light Review

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Review of the Buyers Products Incandescent Strobe Light

Collin: Hey everyone it's Collin here at Today we're going to take a look at the Warning Strobe Light from Buyers Products. Now this is a handy light to have for a wide variety situations, some examples might be work trucks. Whether you've got a plow truck, a landscaping truck, or anything like that maybe even a tow truck. What some other uses might be if you're the lead or the follow in a wide load situation, really if you just want to be visibly seen and you want to let people that they need to keep their distance or to go around you. This light is going to do the job.Now it's going to have one incandescent bulb which flashes at the same pattern, so you're not going to be able to customize it.

Really it's just going to catch the eye and let people know that you're currently working. Now you can have a couple different options to mount this to your roof. Currently we're using the magnet that's on the bottom. What's really nice about the magnet system is that not only is the magnet holding it to the ground, but there's also a small silicone cup around the magnet kind of providing some extra suction. Making sure that you really can't pull it up.

There's a little tab right here with that silicone, we'll just pull that up to get some air under there and then the magnet can come straight up. We'll just take a quick look at it. You'll see the magnets in the center right with that silicone cup around it. You can mount it virtually anywhere on your vehicle where there is metal and it'll stick to it like so.Now there is the second option to permanently mount it to your roof. You're going to get a couple brackets, nice foam pad, and some hardware if you wish to permanently mount it to your roof so that not only the magnet and the silicone are holding it down, but also these little nuts and bolts are going to hold it as well.

It'll be more permanent so you don't have to remove it. We're going to have three different holes around the housing of our light, all you would do is drill your holes in your roof wherever you want to mount it. Put your bolts down through and then get the nuts on the other side and twist them all the way on and tighten it up.Now for any maintenance, or you just want to remove the cap so you can clean off the outside or inside, you can just twist it right off. It's pretty easy to come right off, you see here's our incandescent bulb with our amber housing. The bulb is going to be clear, but the housing is what gives it that amber color.

With the cap fully screwed on and tight we're going to be sitting about four inches off the top of the roof of our vehicle. That's something you'll want to keep in mind for any low clearance situations that you do have that added height.Now how it draws its power, it's going to use the 12 volt accessory outlet in your vehicle. So as long your battery's not dead you're going to have power for your light. We're also going to have a 10 foot cord, so no matter where we mount it on our roof we should be able to still reach that outlet. There's no switches or anything like that, so once we plug it into our outlet the light is going to turn on. Then once you unplug the light will turn off.Now just a few of my thoughts on the light itself, a couple things I really like is one I have that magnetic mount option. I personally would remove it from my roof when I'm not using it, and it's small and compact. So when I remove it I don't have to struggle to store it anywhere. Even though its small and compact you can still see it's very bright. We have overhead lights on right now and you can still see that bright flash of light. Now in this day and age I personally would prefer to have some LEDs on top of my roof but if you still prefer incandescent this is going to be a great option and it's going to get the job done.Thank you all for watching, that's going to do it for our look at the Strobe Warning Light from Buyers Products.

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