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Buyers Products 3-LED Beacon Light Review

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Review of the Buyers Products 3-LED Beacon Light

Collin: Hey, guys. I'm Collin, here at Today we're going to take a look at Buyers products 3-LED beacon light. This warning light has three LEDs, and is going to be a great tool to put on the top of your vehicle. You can mount it in a variety of ways to your rooftop for situations where maybe you're plowing snow in the winter. You want to let people know you're working, and to keep their distance.

Or even if you're the lead or the follow in a wide-load situation, so you can let people know that there's something behind you, or in front. Those are just two examples. There's a wide variety of uses. Basically if you're doing something with your vehicle where you want to let people know to keep their distance, this is a great option.Right now, we have a magnet holding it to our roof, so it easily comes off just in case we want to remove it when we're done using it. If you want to permanently mount it, there's a couple of slots on the sides so you can screw it down onto your roof, and that'll keep it there permanently, and just have a better hold than that magnet.Now the third option you can do is remove that screw and mount it to a one inch pipe.

That can come in handy for times where maybe you just want to mount it to a pole that's in your truck bed. You can even just take that pole out, instead of mounting it to your roof.It runs off a 12 volt outlet in your vehicle, so you're always going to have a source if you need to use it with your vehicle. It's going to have two switches on the end. The first with one, with that LED light, is going to be the power switch. When we switch it on, it's going to light up right there.

Now our light is on. The top switch is going to be our switch pattern for our five different flashing patterns we have. You just click it once for it to change the pattern. You can scroll through to find the pattern that you like.Here's pattern one, pattern two, pattern three, pattern four, and pattern five.We're going to have a 10 foot power cord, so that means we're going to have plenty of length in it to be able to route it wherever we want, and get it to a power source.Now a couple things I really do like about this light is that one, it's got LEDs instead of incandescent. LEDs are just going to burn a lot brighter.

They're going to last longer, and they're just going to be more efficient while they're working. Another thing is that you can permanently or temporarily mount it to your vehicle so if you don't want to bolt it down to your vehicle, and have it there all the time, you can take it off when you're done working, so it does have a lot of versatility when it comes to that. It's also got the different flash patterns, so there's a pretty cool feature if you don't like certain ones, or you want to be able to have it flashing a lot brighter and a lot quicker, or slower, you have those options as well.Thank you all for watching. That's going to do it for a look at Buyers products 3-LED beacon light.

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