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Bulldog Winch Big Dog Kinetic Recovery Rope Review

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Review of the Bulldog Winch Big Dog Kinetic Recovery Rope

Randy: Hey guys, Randy here at Today we're taking a look at the Bulldog Recovery Rope. Now, the recovery rope's a much different animal than a tow strap. Tow strap's the wider, thinner one, that we're used to seeing. And with those you just don't have any give, when they come tight there's a lot of force generated on the vehicle that's recovering, a lot of force generated on the vehicle that's being recovered, and it can make it really abrupt, puts a lot of energy into those. With the recovery rope, we have the same benefits of that tow strap, but it gives us 25% stretch.

As it comes tight and as we give it that little pop to get it up and out of what it's in, it allows for a smoother transition. That also allows a little bit of a spring effect to help pull that other vehicle out.This is going to be a very heavy duty nylon rope, very abrasion resistant, and it does a great job. We've used it, inaudible 00:00:56 on a pipe, a few other things that we've done and I really have no issues with it. It's much better than a standard towing strap, which are used for, just that, for towing a disabled vehicle, where this is meant for recovering a vehicle that stuck.You can see the ends have been dipped in a nice heavy poly urethane, that's going to give us great abrasion resistance at the point that gets the most stress as we're recovering our vehicle. The rope itself is going to be an inch and a quarter in diameter.

It gives us 30 feet in length, before it gets stretched, of course. It offers a 45,000 pound break limit and a 15,000 pound recovery limit. That's going to make it ideal for a lot of different applications down to your ATVs, UTVs, tractors, things like that, but also up to your 150's your 250 trucks, up to those three quarter ton trucks.I think this is going to be an excellent choice. Now, there's a size larger, there's an inch and a half if you've got a one ton or maybe a 450 or 550, or maybe even deuce and a half and things. And there's going to be one that's seven eighths, that's going to be better suited for the size of vehicles that we've got here I think, the Jeep and the Envoy, I think I'd use the seven eighths rather than the inch and a quarter, but this is going to give us a good example.

And you'll see when we do recover, when we pull tight we get that little pop effect and you really don't have to do, like with the tow strap, just hammer down on it to get it out. It gives us that little pop and it really helps to free that vehicle very quickly so we can get it out.All right. I'm just going to pull away nice and easy. Give it that little pop, then we should come right out of here.Now, for storage, we've got a couple options. We've got a strap.

It's just a hook and loop type strap meant to go around it and really bind it together. And we also have the included storage bag, it's got some mesh drainage. The inch and a half, when we put it in this bag, was a little bit too big for it. I'm not very confident that it's going to hold up very long, but with this inch and a quarter I think we'll have better luck. We'll show you strapping it up first. I think most people are going to store it that way rather than sticking it back in the bag. But if you do stick it in the bag, if it's got any moisture or anything like that, that mesh will allow it to drain out. I like that aspect of it.But for our strap we'll just bring it around the bottom side here, bunch it up real nice and tight. And at that point I think you could throw that in the bed of your truck or the back of your Jeep and it'd be readily available for when you need it.Yeah, that works out really well. Perfect size to get that in there. Still have enough room to throw a couple of Bow Shackles in there to have on hand when you needed them.Now while it's harder to see between two vehicles, we're going to take a look at it with a fixed object. Basically we'll come taut on our towing strap, which is, in my mind, designed for just towing a vehicle that's not stuck. And you'll see that abrupt stop that we get at the end of it versus when we switch over to the kinetic rope or the recovery rope. It gives us that stretch.We'll just do it at low speed, there's no need to hammer on it, but once we get to the end there there's just no flex and there's no give.All right guys. Now we got the inch and a quarter rope hooked up. This should give us a lot more stretch. It should be a lot softer when it comes fully tight. Now, we did this with the inch and a half rope as well and when we kind of brought it tight and tried to stretch it a little bit, it gave about two and a half feet, maybe three feet. I think this one being a quarter inch smaller in diameter is going to lend itself a little bit more to this size vehicle. I think this one's going to be in that heavier Jeep, your JK's and JL's with the four doors, they're a little bit heavier. I think it's going to work out really well for those F-150's, F-250's, larger SUVs, but let's check it out and see how it performs.Now we're going to stretch test it just to see kind of the extension that we get. Again, this is a little bit lighter vehicle than this ropes intended for, but I would imagine we're still going to get about four to five feet of the stretch out of it. We'll start about right there, we've got it tensioned and we'll see how far we can get. Definitely some good spring action there.As you guys can see, it works really well. It takes a lot of that stress out of it. I think in recovery situations this is definitely the way to go. It's going to save you a lot of stress and strain on your vehicles and yourself.

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