Bulldog Winch Bow Shackle Review

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Review of the Bulldog Winch Bow Shackle

Randy: Hey guys, Randy here at etrailer.com. Today we're taking a look at a bow shackle from Bulldog. Now these are used in a lot of different applications, but what we mainly gear these towards here is going to be recovery, towing, things like that. These are great for a tree saver straps to take the two ends, bind them together and then connect to your winch. These are also really good for recovery, putting them into a connection point on your vehicle and then having your strap connected or your recovery rope connected to that. But these can also be used for tie downs on big trailers and stuff like that.Now this is what they call a one inch bow shackle, so we've got a one inch bolt that goes through here.

So we just pull that out, put it in whatever we're wanting to inaudible 00:00:44 and then screw that back in, just like that.This has a 17,000 pound capacity, eight and a half tons, which is going to be ideal for a lot of situations. They come in many different sizes, five eights, three quarter, one inch, even got some an inch and a quarter. So you want to choose one that's going to have the safe working load limit of what you need. But they're really easy to use, they're very straightforward, and this saves a lot of trouble. If you wrap the strap around a tree and then run it through itself, that creates a pressure point and it drastically weakens your strap.

So by using this, you maintain all of the integrity on your system and ensure that you have a safe operation when using it.Well, of course it has a nice heavy duty steel construction. The threads on it are really well done, they go in and out very easily by hand. And then we have the silver nickel finish on it, gives it a bright finish, so it'll kind of stand out when we get out there in the mud, but it'll also keep corrosion and anything like that down to a minimum for us.Overall, guys, I highly, highly recommend a bow shackle, whether it's this one or one of the other sizes that we carry for any of your recovery winching needs, things like that. So be sure to get one that's going to fit your need, that's going to be up to the capacity requirements that you're going to have, and it will definitely keep you a lot safer.

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