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Bulldog Low Profile Trailer Winch with Mounting Plate Review

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Review of the Bulldog Low Profile Trailer Winch with Mounting Plate

Today we'll be taking a look at the Bulldog Utility Wench, part #BDW10031. This utility wench is ideal for getting your wheeled equipment such as your ATVs, UTVs, or in this case, our golf cart up onto our trailer. It has a 5.2 horsepower 12 volt DC wound motor. The cable is 47 1/2 feet long. It features a free spool clutch lever that allows us to pull our cable out manually to help save time, prevent wear and tear on our winch motor and help save battery. The role of the fair lead is going to help reduce some of the strain and stress on our cables as it's being spooled in and spooled out.

It features a heavy gauge steel hook with a latch so we can ensure it won't become disconnected. It also features a hand saver strap when used in conjunction with gloves, it can really protect your hands. The remote features your cable in and your cable out buttons. It also has 20 feet of length so you can remain a safe distance while operating the winch. It comes with everything you need to get it installed including a mounting plate and all the hardware. It also comes with all the wiring you need to get it hooked up to your power source including a 450 amp sealed contacter.

It's dimensions are 19 1/2 inches long by 9 1/2 inches wide and 7 1/2 inches tall. Now that we've gone over our features, I'll go ahead and show you how it works. First things first, it's important to be safe. You want to make sure your trailer is secure and hooked up to your vehicle, which we are. Now let's turn it to free spool mode. I'll grab our cable by our hand saver strap and make our way down to our cart.

Now I'm using a shackle in conjunction with my cart here today because my hook won't fit around the anchor point. Now if you don't have a shackle, that's okay, we've got a wide variety of different sizes here at The one we're using here today is part #GS07. Grab our hook, bring the latch around, make sure it closes, now we're all set. Now we can reengage our winch, grab our remote, head out to a safe distance and start winching.

We can also use it to help us unload our wheeled equipment. It features automatic load hold brakes for added strength and reliability. That way we can ensure that there's no slipping. Now if you would like to double the pulling capacity of your winch, you can pick up the Bulldog snatch block and that's part #BDW20005. The looped end simply attaches to whatever you're towing. The cable from your winch comes around the pulley. The cable comes back and connects to an anchor point on your trailer. Double the line, double the pulling capacity. Keep in mind however, this will cut your line speed in half. That's going to complete our look at the Bulldog trailer utility winch, part #BDW10031. You can find this and everything else right here at What's up man.

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