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Bulldog Axle and Ratcheting Tie Down Straps with Bag Review

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Review of the Bulldog Axle and Ratcheting Tie Down Straps with Bag

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Bulldog Winch combo axle strap and ratcheting tie down strap. These come in a quantity of four and include a rigging bag. Part number is BDW20230. Now, our strap uses a two inch wide by ten foot long no stretch polyester webbing to hold our vehicle in place. It also has a gel coat applied to it, that gives us the superior abrasion resistance. Also, at our connection point, we've got an extra layer of webbing that goes around our strap. This is also going to aid in that abrasion resistance, or wear resistance.

It's going to give us a good, long-lasting strap. Our heavy duty turn snap hooks and also our ratchet itself, and all the mechanisms inside have also been fully coated with a corrosion resistant material to help prevent rust. Now, not only do we have the extra protection of the webbing at the axle strap, but also here at the really high pressure point where it connects to our snap hook. You're going to see the additional webbing in here, also. That's going to give us, again, great wear resistance. The strap offers a 10,000 pound brake strength, and a 3335 00:01:06 pound safe working load limit. As you can see, when we've got our job done, we're going to have a really nice rigging bag here.

It's got the really nice wide mouth. We can put stuff in there. We can ID it if we want it. There's even going to be a couple of side pouches here and on the outside, so if we need some gloves or a few other accessories, we can throw them in there and make it easier on ourselves when we need to get our trucks tied down, or cars, or whatever we're going to be hauling. This is going to allow us a great way to keep everything nice and secure so we're not missing half of the stuff we need when we get where we're going. As far as installing it goes, we just want to take our hook and go around one of the connection points on our trailer.

In cases where you've got the d-loops, or a bar style like this, the catch is actually going to close and it's going to hold that in place. You're not going to be chasing it back and forth. You'll see the attachment point here for our hook here. What really is nice about these, and what sets it apart, if we allow that link to come down, we can adjust this up and down the full length of the strap. Even when we've got more delicate applications, or we've really got to get a certain angle for it not to be riding up against something underneath the vehicle, it allows for a pretty quick adjustment to where we can get that dialed in right where we want it. Then, as that comes up and our strap straightens out, it holds it in place nicely for us.

At that point, it's just a matter of attaching our hook. Now, we'll just guide our hook around our axle here. You want to avoid pinching any of the brake lines or anything like that, of course. Just attach that, and that's going to stay in place for it. That gives us time to climb out here and take care of tightening down that ratchet. Simply pull out slack there, give our ratchet a pull. It's got a really nice handle. It's got finger grooves in there, so you can really get a good grip on it and really get the torque applied that's necessary to keep our vehicles from moving around. As you can see, nice and solid there. The thing I also like about it, the handle that releases the strap just by pulling forward on it, all the way. You can see that's going to release it. Also, it can help in securing our excess strap. Just going to make a couple loops in it there. You can just push that handle down into it's locked position. That will keep our handle from coming up. Should keep our strap tucked in there nicely. With everything nice and secure, that's going to complete our installation of the Bulldog Winch combo axle and ratcheting tie down strap, four pack. Part number BDW20230.

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