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Bulldog Powered-Drive Kit Review

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Review of the Bulldog Powered-Drive Kit

Today, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Bulldog Powered-Drive Kit for Single-Speed Jacks with 12,000-pound capacity, Part #BD1824200100. This powered motor is going to be ideal for horse trailers, livestock or other heavy-duty applications that use the Bulldog Drop-Leg Jack. We're at 12,000 pounds static capacity. With the aluminum gear box and the weather-tight cover that's over it, that's going to keep it maintenance-free and protect it from the elements, to make it last for years to come. Our torque tube does have the energy-absorbing shock in the inside that's going to take and cushion it as it moves from up to down, when we run it. We went ahead and mounted our control panel with our circuit breaker in it up here, underneath the deck of our trailer, so it's going to be even more protected, even though it's in a weather-tight cover. We can operate it from here.

Now, under a normal load, this is designed to go up three inches per minute with a typical load inside your trailer. If you have it severely loaded down in the front, that's going to change according to the amount of weight that you have inside your trailer. Here's what your kit's going to consist of. We're going to have our weather-tight control panel with our up and down. It's also going to have a circuit breaker for resetting. It's going to be a sealed box that's going to mount underneath the tongue of your trailer.

We'll have our junction box that's going to be supplied to attach all our wiring together, our motor that's going to fit into our Bulldog winch, and a cover to cover it up once everything's been installed, to keep the weather out of it. This kit is designed to be used with one or two jacks with the addition of this sleeve here, that you would mount onto a piece of tubing that will go in between the left and the right jack, therefore tying them together, and they'll go evenly up and down. One note: there is some welding involved in installing this. For this application, we're not going to do that, because we're just doing a demonstration, but normally, you would put this rubber grommet onto the motor. Then there's a sleeve that comes with it that it will slide into. This sleeve is going to be welded onto the side of our jack.

That way, when it operates forward and back, it does not allow the motor to flip around on the shaft. It is going to have a rubber in here that's going to actually cushion it, so it's going to get a little bit of movement back and forth. It's going to take all the harshness out of it, cushioning it back and forth. We're going to be going and installing this on a Bulldog jack, part #182404. It's going to be one of our drop-leg jacks. First thing we're going to do is, we're going to remove this handle.

We'll take a 9/16ths wrench and socket. We're going to take the handle and set it aside. We're going to go ahead and remove these 5/16ths bolts. There's going to be one at the top on this side, and one criss-cross on the other side. Take those out. We're going to lift this cover off. Inside, you're going to see our gears. Now, we're going to go ahead and pull this spring back. That's going to give us access to this pin that's right here. We're going to take that pin, and we're going to push it through. You're going to have to hold this spring back all the way. It's going to be a little bit difficult. We're going to drive that pin down out of the way. Then we can rotate it to the top, and we can grab it with a pair of pliers. Once we have the pin out, we can gently take this shaft, and we're going to slide it out. We're going to set that shaft aside. We're going to take our new power jack. We're going to slide it in. We're going to want to rotate, so we line up our pin into our gear, and we're going to reinstall it into the new shaft. We're going to make sure we push it all the way down until the spring will slide back over it, and that's what's going to retain the pin inside of our gear. Now that we have that in place, we can go ahead and reinstall the cap. Now you're going to take this rubber grommet, slip it into place. You're going to take this metal sleeve. We're going to put it on there. We're going to let the motor slide down. You're going to want to clean off all the paint around here, and just put a couple of tack welds all the way around the outside, just being sure you're not going to put a lot of heat into it. Just give it a couple of stitch welds, all around the outside. That's going to secure your motor to the jack. If you're going to be using this to power two jacks, you would take this hex coupler, slide it in. Go ahead and let it bottom out. Then you would get yourself a piece of tubing, and you'd run that tubing between this coupler and the jack handle of the second jack. You would need to weld this onto that piece of tubing, and bolt it through on the other side into the handle. That way, when you turn it on, it's going to run both jacks at the same speed, up and down. As far as your wiring, we're going to have a red and a black wire coming out of our motor. We're going to tie those using our supplied junction box. You would run these through one of the grommets, mounting this wherever you needed to on your vehicle, to be able to access it. Then, coming out of our control panel, our switch, we're going to have a red, a black, a white, and a green. Now, the red and the black are going to be our power and ground, so you would either go from your vehicle's 12-volt source, or, if you have a battery in your trailer, you would power those two, so you'd have your black and red for your battery. Then, going to your motor, you're going to end up with the white wire attaching to the red, and the black wire is going to attach to the green. You would just have them on the inside here. Then you'd use the supplied nut and lock washer, and tighten it down. That's going to keep all your connections sealed up nice and tight. There's going to be a bunch of different rubber grommets with holes, so it will allow you to put them in any of these positions. You want to make sure you silicone up that hole, so no water can get inside there and cause any corrosion. Now, it would be a good idea, if you're using this with a battery, to have a charge wire that runs out of your 7-way connector tied into your system so it charges the battery as you go down the road. That way, you can use your jack whenever you need to, as you get to your time to unload your trailer. Our last step will be install this cover. That's going to help keep it protected from the elements. Should your battery ever become low and not operate your jacks, you can take your handle and replace it back on there, put your bolt into position, and you can use it manually, but you want to make sure that you don't leave this handle attached, because if you're using the electric mode, it's just going to go around, because this is a solid shaft that goes all the way through, so it can cause injury. You want to make sure, unless you're using it for manual, that you leave the handle unattached and stored away inside your trailer. We have one installed here on a horse trailer. You'll notice this one has actually been reversed, because of space confinement here. We went ahead and just put it on backwards, which you can do. It will work either way. In this case, we put the hex on the end of our arm that's going to be used for manual, and we'll just run it backwards. It'll work either way. It's just designed to go the other direction, but if you have something like a spare tire that's mounted there permanently, you have to turn it around and make it work whichever way you can. that's going to do it for our look at the Bulldog Powered-Drive Kit for Single-Speed Jacks with 12,000-pound capacity, Part #BD1824200100.

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