Bulldog Collar-Lok Adjustable Channel Mount Coupler Review

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Review of the Bulldog Collar-Lok Adjustable Channel Mount Coupler

Rob: Hey everybody. Rob here at etrailer.com. Today we're going to be taking a look at the Bulldog collar-lok adjustable channel mount coupler. Here's what our coupler's going to look like once we have it installed. There's a few different reasons why you might want to replace your coupler that's existing on your trailer, for us, we actually picked up our trailer used and it had a lunette ring and that's not what we have on our truck, so we wanted to match everything up using a ball mount so that we can hook up to our truck without changing too many things.Another reason why you might want to replace the coupler, is if you have a traditional style coupler like here, those use a wedge to go right up against the ball. As I lift up the handle, you can kind of see it moving on there.

Over time those can wear out, and it's really not as good of a connection point because the collar-lok is going to have a lot more pressure that's going to be going on the ball and not allow it to wear out right here.But the collar-lok is going to work a little bit different, instead of having that lever on top, the collar is going to slide back like we have here, and this side of the opening here is going to move out. Whenever we attach our ball and hook up to our truck the collar can slide back just a bit, allowing that side piece to come in, and now the collar will slide back over providing constant pressure so it's not going to allow the ball to move around that way. That way there's going to be continuous contact with the ball, not to mention there's a lot more contact because it's entire side piece is going to be pressing against the ball.Not to mention the collar style is going to give us a visual that we know that it's locked in place, because the collar is going to be all the way forward. With the traditional style latch couplers, the latch can come very loose, start wiggling around, and you're really second guessing if it locked in there or not.Now our coupler is going to be rated up to 15,000 pounds. It's also going to use a two and five 16th inch ball, and that's going to be pretty common on most construction, livestock, and utility trailers and it's really, really good for those just like we have here.Now this is designed to fit a three inch channel that's going to be on your trailer, and then it's going to be separate, but it does come with all the hardware necessary to get it installed.

The spacing between the mounting holes is going to be two inches, so you want to double check your channel on your trailer.Whenever you do install, you just want to make sure that you torque all your hardware down to the specifications in the instructions. What's really nice is that the coupler could actually be painted to match your trailer, or a bright color, so it stands out in case you have it parked in the lot and you don't want to run your leg into it.We went ahead and pulled our truck up to our trailer, just want to make sure that that collar is open, and that section sticking out. We'll set our coupler right over the ball, and then we can start lowering it down. Once the jack's off the ground and you know the couplers all the way on the ball, just want to pull that collar back slightly so it's not putting so much pressure on this side piece. We can slide it in, and we'll walk that collar over.

We can take the safety pin and make sure we go all the way through the coupler and come right out the bottom. We can latch it down. That'll prevent the collar from sliding back and the ball opening up.Now that we're finished hooking up our trailer, we're ready to hit the road, and that'll finish up your look at the Bulldog collar-lok adjustable channel mount coupler.

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