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Brophy 2 Inch Hitch Ball Review

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Review of the Brophy 2 Inch Hitch Ball

Now, to install your ball, what we're gonna do is remove the nut. You got a lock washer that comes with it. That's gonna go underneath. So we'll put that in position here. Depending on your ball mount, one thing to make sure you check is the diameter here is gonna match the one you have on your shank so the ball will fit in there. We have an inch diameter here on this, so it's gonna work just fine.

So we'll put a lock washer or not here on the bottom. Now I'm gonna do it hand tighten to get it started. And there's two different ways you can do this. Now, if you have a vice, you can put the ball on the vice you can see there's flat ends here on the side of the base of the ball. It'll grab onto there and then you can use a wrench or a socket like we have to tighten that down.

And if you don't have a vice, you can still use your hitch like I have it set up here. You can do it this way, or we recommend you can flip it to the side like this, and it's gonna be easier to hold the wrench on this side, or I'm sorry. Hold the wrench on this side and then put the socket on this side. Now, if you don't and have a torque wrench, we do sell those on our website. So I'd pick one of those up, it's gonna make this easier to tighten down the ball and I'm just gonna go like this and slowly start tightening it down.

And you wanna do this until it hits those torque settings and you'll find that in the instructions that come with your ball. So make sure you hit those. Once it's torqued down, there you flip around, pin it, and then hook up to your trailer. With the ball set up and ready to go, some things to look at with it would be look at what size the ball is, gonna be a two inch ball, also has a chrome finish on there to protect against rust and corrosion. So it's gonna hold up.

You can see we've hooked it up to a couple different trailers though, and it's scraped off just a little bit, but I think that's just gonna happen the more you use the chrome ball. Another thing keep in mind is the trailer weight rating. So you always wanna go with the lowest of those numbers. Now, what I mean by that is you look at my hitch and my hitch is 4,000 pounds. It's rated for that. And then the shank is gonna be ready for 6,000 pounds. And the ball is rated for 8,000 pounds. Now, what that means is we're gonna go with the 4,000 pound trailer rating that my hitch gives 'cause that's the lowest number. Now I did mention that it's a two inch ball. So make sure you go look at your trailer that you want to tow, look at the coupler and it says it right there on it somewhere, right now I can show you one. It says it right here on top. It tells you it's a two inch ball. If you happen to look at your coupler and see it says two and five sixteenths that's okay. We sell those size balls as well, so just look at our website and order the one that's right for your coupler. This is an example of an inch and seven eighths coupler right here. So if you have that size we also offer the ball that fits in there too. And when it's time to hook up your trailer you can just set it down on the ball or lower the jack so it sits in the place. The coupler will go over the ball like that. You should be able to throw the latch and that locks it in and see I can lift up, it's not popping back off and we'll go ahead and replace our pin and our latch. And once you've got everything else all hooked up you're ready to hit the road. Overall, you're gonna need a ball if you plan on towing something. So this is gonna be a good two inch ball, it installs really easily, much like all of them do but this is gonna work with that two inch coupler. So just make sure you get that size right before you order it. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out and I hope this helps..

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