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Brophy Lashing Winch Bar Review

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Review of the Brophy Lashing Winch Bar

What's up everybody. It's AJ with Today, we're gonna be checking out the Brophy winch bar. Now you're gonna use this with your lashing winch that goes in the stake pocket. And this is what you're gonna use to tighten it up, to get them nice and tight on your cargo, or even to loosen them, let's check it out. You got the bar that's really solid.

You have the tapered end here, it's gonna fit into the half inch hole on our winch today, just like this, just goes into place and when you go to push on it, that's what you're gonna do to tighten it up and also loosen it. So on this winch, you need to push this a little bit. That way you control this and safely loosen it up. And now you can see that there's plenty of slack in our strap, I'll show you. Use that same bar to ratchet it and get it tighter.

And it's good that this is a nice solid bar. The bar doesn't bend at all, because this is for heavy-duty applications and we're getting some serious torque on these straps. During that whole process of tightening it down, this thing did not budge, it didn't feel like it was gonna bend or break on me, which is really important because this is usually heavy-duty use. You're strapping down some heavy-duty equipment on your trailer, you want to be able to count on this. Another thing is it's 20 inches long, so you really do get that leverage, which makes it nice and easy to get it nice and tight, because you're not going from down here and pulling, you got plenty of room up here to pull and tighten it down.

It's got a zinc coating on it so that's gonna keep it protected from the elements. So if you we're to leave it on your trailer or just leave it outside on accident, it's not gonna rust or corrode, it's gonna stay strong like this for a very long time. Overall, it's a really simple tool, but it's one you can count on. So I like that it feels heavy-duty like it's supposed to. Had no issues when I was going to use it, it didn't bend or feel like it was gonna break, I never got worried about it.

So really good. I would actually probably recommend getting a second one. That way you can put one on the toolbox side of your trailer, if you have a toolbox on there, and leave one in your truck just in case you need it, you always got one ready to go. Thanks for hanging out, and I hope this helped..

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