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Brophy 2 Inch Hitch Ball with 1 Inch Rise Review

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Review of the Brophy 2 Inch Hitch Ball with 1 Inch Rise

Today we're gonna be taking a look at the Brophy trailer ball. So this one's special. It's special because it has this little piece right here. This is gonna give us one inch of rise just with the ball. If you need seven inches of drop your ball mount that you like so much, only has eight. You can grab this ball and that's gonna bring it up to a seven.

So you can really kind of piece these together where you don't really have to get a new ball, maybe you got a new vehicle, new tires, that sits a little higher off or whatever. With this you can just adjust the drop or the rise just by getting a new ball. I think that's a much more cost effective way to solving the problem. And we do have other sizes too, if you needed two inches there's one that's a little bit taller but this one is just one inches. We do wanna make sure that we're not gonna overload this thing.

It is machined out of one piece of metal. You can kind of see how shiny and pretty it is, but that doesn't mean it's gonna be extremely, extremely heavy duty. This is only 6,000 pounds. You just wanna make sure that when you're piecing together your trailer ball and your trailer ball mount, that they're gonna line up together. So this ball mount is 10,000 pounds.

This ball is 6,000 pounds. So with this system, we can only do 6,000 pounds. The lowest number of the whole entire setup is gonna be the max of the whole entire setup. So just keep that in mind. We do wanna make sure that we put it on the right ball mount, meaning the diameter of the hole where the ball goes through, we wanna match that up with the diameter of the trailer ball.

So it's about an inch and a quarter, both the ball mount and our trailer ball here. So we wanna make sure it's the same exact size. If the hole was any bigger, there'd be way too much play and if the hole was smaller it wouldn't even fit. So make sure to triple check the ball mount that you have or the ball mount that you're gonna buy and make sure they kind of line up like that. So let me put this back on. It comes with a nut and it comes with the little lock washer as well. And you're just gonna have to torque that down to make sure it's nice and safe. When it comes to trailer balls, really isn't a whole lot to them. You just wanna make sure that they're gonna be able to handle what you're gonna put them under. So 6,000 pounds, two inch trailer ball, make sure it matches up with your coupler, but when it comes to this one, it really is a little unique with the rise and again there's more that are a little bit bigger. And if you just needed a normal ball we have them too. We have so many on our website but I think this is gonna be a great option for you. And again this was the Brophy one inch rise trailer ball..

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